Cowboy Come Home (The 79th Copper Mountain Rodeo Book 3)

COWBOY COME HOME                                SINCLAIR JAYNE

Rodeo cowboy Boone Telford feels like he’s running out of time to make his mark. By his age, his father was an All-Around-Cowboy multiple times and his siblings are all highly accomplished in their fields. Boone vows that this is his year to stand out and finally be a champion as long as he remains focused, but a beautiful masseuse he met on a quick detour to the beach has given him a glimpse of a happy life that doesn’t involve buckles or prize money. Is loving Piper and settling down on his family’s Montana ranch giving up his dreams and destiny? When he pulls into his home town of Marietta, he knows it’s now or never, and he probably needs to let Piper go. 

Masseuse Piper Wiley is doing the one thing she swore she never would–following a man who's chasing his career from town to town. The daughter of an Army colonel, Piper’s lived all over the world, but has always craved permanence and belonging. Meeting Boone was unexpected and powerful. Love at first sight. But can she convince her cowboy to finally come home and make his mark with her?


Cowboy Boone Telford is running out of time being on the rodeo circuit and by the age, he is now his father had more buckles, titles, and money. Wanting to make his own name he feels he needs to make this year his best year in order to bring something to the families ranch. On his travels in meet Piper Wiley a masseuse in California, now she never thought that she would be following a cowboy around from rodeo to rodeo but there is something about Boone that gives her a calming feeling that she has never felt. They are good for each other until they get to his hometown and then Boone tells her that he must be alone, he also did not tell her that the town is where he grew up in. when she finds all of that out on her own she knows there are more things going on with him that just riding. It all comes to a head when Boone finds out that she has decided to set up a permanent shop in the town and now he must face all of his fears. He also must decide to let her walk or cowboy up and apologize, read this good story to find out. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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