Golf's Iron Horse: The Astonishing, Record-Breaking Life of Ralph Kennedy

GOLF'S IRON HORSE                                     RALPH KENNEDY

A founding member of Mamaroneck, New York’s prestigious Winged Foot Golf Club, Kennedy had long been an avid golfer when he met Charles Leonard Fletcher in 1919. When the Englishman told Kennedy that he had played more than 240 courses in his lifetime, Kennedy took it as a challenge and became determined to play more.

In a feat that caused the New York Sun to declare him “golf’s Lou Gehrig” in 1935, Kennedy succeeded in beating Fletcher’s record, and then some. He played golf on more than 3,165 different courses in all forty-eight states, nine Canadian provinces, and more than a dozen different countries during his forty-three year love affair with the game. In addition to the 3,165 unique courses he played, the unrelenting Ralph also played golf a total of 8,500 times over his lifetime, the equivalent of teeing it up every day for twenty-three straight years. Lou Gehrig’s seventeen years in professional baseball pales in comparison.

This intriguing story includes details of the special conditions under which he was able to play the Augusta National Golf Club and the unique circumstances of his visits to Pebble Beach and the Old Course at St. Andrews. Perfect for golf aficionados, Golf’s Iron Horse will inspire every reader to tee off at a new course.


This takes you back in time when travel was done by train and for this man, golf was for fun. His equipment was not this modern graphite. He also finished his feet of golfing in all 48 States because at the time that was all we had. The author referred to him at times as the “Lou Grieg” of golf. Having golfed on more than 3,100 courses, and on dozens of countries and different provinces of Canada. Well researched with only a few times getting off point. I had never heard of this person so it was a good book. I would think it would be good for someone really into golf also. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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