His Best Friend's Sister (Devil's Rock at Whiskey River Book 2)

HIS BEST FRIEND'S SISTER                       EVE GADDY

Whiskey River businessman Zack Banister has had his eye on Laurel Lewis for years, even though she's always been off-limits. The timing has never been right between them, but now that they’re both free, Zack is determined to convince Laurel that he's the perfect man for her. 

The last thing Laurel needs is a white knight. She's a single mom and knows she can only rely on herself. But the thought of a fling with Zack is a different matter—and far too tempting to resist. 

Then reality crashes in and Laurel faces hard decisions. And Zack will do anything to convince her to take a risk on him for their happy ever after. 


In this book, Zac has had a thing for Laurel his best friend’s sister for years. It has just been a different reason why they were not able to be together. Now as the time seems to come up now she is single and raising two daughters but still does not want to allow herself to feel again for the way her ex-treated her. Zac continues to go after her to the point where you think that he is going to walk away because she thinks that no man could act the way he does, but then she knows he has always acted that way. He even tells her brother to back off because he is going after her and it won’t be him hurting her, but her hurting him. A good story and I liked the characters surrounding the main ones. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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