Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating


Hazel Camille Bradford knows she’s a lot to take—and frankly, most men aren’t up to the challenge. If her army of pets and thrill for the absurd don’t send them running, her lack of filter means she’ll say exactly the wrong thing in a delicate moment. Their loss. She’s a good soul in search of honest fun.

Josh Im has known Hazel since college, where her zany playfulness proved completely incompatible with his mellow restraint. From the first night they met—when she gracelessly threw up on his shoes—to when she sent him an unintelligible email while in a post-surgical haze, Josh has always thought of Hazel more as a spectacle than a peer. But now, ten years later, after a cheating girlfriend has turned his life upside down, going out with Hazel is a breath of fresh air.

Not that Josh and Hazel date. At least, not each other. Because setting each other up on progressively terrible double blind dates means there’s nothing between them...right?


WOW, what a book full of laughter from one page to the next. I cannot remember the last time that I have read a book where I actually laughed so much. Hazel Camille Bradford is one hell of a character. You are given her description at the beginning of the book and just in the prologue you start to laugh at the list of things that she has done, be it sometimes with too much alcohol, or typing a letter to her T.A. in college while still being out of it after she had her wisdom teeth removed that were impacted, the T.A. is Josh Im who is a few years older than she and when they first met when she was a freshman she vomited on his shoes, second time won’t say read the book but funny, then comes the e-mail and his response both of which are great. Now seven years later she is a third-grade teacher and believes me reasoning really makes sense and it fits her. She is going to her friend’s house for a brb-q because she will be changing schools in the fall and you should also be at the house, Josh. Turns out that he is her friend’s brother and they had just never run into each other. The rest of the night is funny, but the story really picks up when her apartment is flooded and she needs a place to stay for a while and she moves in with Josh. There are hits in the head miniature golfing, burnt pancakes, a lock that got broken but she didn’t do it, and multiple setting the other up on dates that don’t work out. What you have is a very funny story and two people who are trying to find themselves and not change for the sake of change. A wonderful story and a must read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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