What happens when a runaway bride meets a wealthy cowboy?

Realizing her wedding is a sham, curvy Maddie Stanton takes to her kitten heels and escapes the ceremony - still dressed in her bridal gown!

Stranded on the Wyoming highway with a flat tire, rescue appears in the form of Garrett Trask. When the handsome cowboy hires her to work on his ranch, Maddie jumps at the offer, grateful to leave her past behind her.

She never counted on falling in love …

But when she discovers a secret from Garrett’s past, her newfound happiness is shattered. Can this sexy cowboy convince Maddie he loves her, and her curves? Or will she forever remain the runaway bride?
This is a sexy contemporary romance novella.

Half an hour later, they rode back to the barn. “You don’t want to overdo it for your first time.” Garrett dismounted easily and tethered the horses to the post, then came to help her down. “Take your right foot out of the stirrup, swing your leg over, then place your right foot on the ground.”

She tried to obey his instructions, kicking her right foot out of the stirrup before swinging it backward. Clenching the horn with a death-grip, she hovered in the air, her left foot still in the stirrup and her right hand grasping the back of the saddle. She didn’t think she could do it. Wobbling slightly, she sighed in relief when Garrett’s strong arms wrapped around her waist.

“I’ve got you,” he murmured, his warm breath brushing her neck. A shiver raced down her spine. He helped her off Prince, untangling her left foot from the stirrup. She turned to him, a little dizzy.

“Thank you.” She looked into his dark brown eyes, wanting to melt into their depths. Despite her best intentions, she was definitely attracted to this man. But what did he feel about her?

“You’re welcome.” He gently smoothed her hair back from her face. “You might want to take a bath tonight since you’re not used to horse riding.”

She gave the briefest of nods. Her eyes remained locked on his. She didn’t want to do anything to break the sensual spell.

Garrett’s hand touched the small of her back, his thumb caressing her spine, urging her to take a couple of steps closer to him. She obeyed willingly, her heart thudding with anticipation.

He gazed down at her, threading his fingers through her hair. She held her breath as his lips descended until they were only a heartbeat away from hers. “Maddie,” he murmured.

She waited for the touch of his lips … 

When curvy Tess Lockhart does something wild and crazy for once in her life, like marrying a sexy stranger in Las Vegas, she wonders if there’s truth to the old saying, marry in haste and repent at leisure.

It turns out that her brand new husband, Garth Hunter, is a billionaire! Not only that, he now holds the mortgage on the ramshackle ranch she inherited along with her two younger sisters.

How can she prove to Garth that she didn’t marry him for his money?

How can she prove to him that she wants their marriage to work?

Can he love her, and her curves, or does he want a divorce – one just as fast as their wedding ceremony?

This is a sexy contemporary romance novella of approximately 29,000 words.

Tess walked up the two creaky wooden steps to the porch of the farmhouse. The red cedar originally used for the veranda had silvered over the many years since the house had been built. Before she could get out her keys, the solid wooden door to the house swung open.
 “How was it?” her sister Harriet asked. Three years younger than Tess, Harriet’s hair was a darker blonde, and her eyes were cinnamon brown. Her nose had a dusting of freckles, and occasionally there was a stubborn tilt to her mouth.
“It was interesting.” Tess kept her left hand behind her back.
“Was it worth going?” Grace, her younger sister asked. She’d graduated college two years ago, and had inherited the same curvy figure as her two elder sisters. Honey blonde hair and dark brown eyes complemented her sweet yet shy features.
All three sisters had been named after female relatives: Tess and Harriet after their grandmothers, and Grace after their great-aunt Grace, from whom they’d inherited the ranch.
Garth’s image arose in Tess’s mind. “Definitely.” She knew there was a satisfied smile on her face.
“You look tired.” Harriet stared at her thoughtfully. “Come inside and tell us all about it.”
Tess nodded, following her sisters into the farmhouse. Built of tired yellow clapboard that needed repainting, the house still seemed to have an air of solidity about it, which is what they needed right now.
“You’ll never guess what happened!” She couldn’t keep her news to herself any longer. Tess held out her ring finger. “I got married!”
She wasn’t exactly anticipating girly shrieks of delight, but she’d expected a little more than two sets of brown eyes gazing at her in mingled disbelief and shock.
“What?” Grace finally found her voice.
“Does he know we’re broke?” Harriet frowned.
Tess thrust her hand out further. “Isn’t it gorgeous?” She refused to allow their initial reaction to darken her mood.
Grace examined the ring carefully. “Yes,” she said. “It’s certainly a decent ring.”
Harriet also inspected it. “I guess.” Her tone was grudging.
“Sit,” Grace urged. “Tell us what happened.”
They all sat at the scarred pine kitchen table, big enough for six. Matching chairs, some a little rickety due to their age, surrounded the table.
Tess explained what had happened last night. She knew when they met Garth, they would understand why for once, she had thrown off the practical, sensible elements of her personality and had done something crazy and wild. She hoped.
“It sounds romantic.” Grace smiled at Tess. “When are we going to meet him?”
“Tonight,” Tess answered. “He’s starting work today in Billings and said he’d come by this evening. I guess we’ll work out all the details then.”
“I suppose he could commute from here.” Harriet looked at Grace. “Have you told him about us?”
“Not exactly,” Tess admitted.
“What have you told him?”
“He knows I was in Vegas for the ranching seminar.”
“You didn’t tell him you had two sisters who live with you?” Harriet pressed.
“Or that we’re struggling to pay the mortgage?”
“No.” Tess’s voice hinted at annoyance. “We didn’t talk about stuff like that. We talked about fun stuff. We just – we just clicked, you know? As soon as I saw him, I felt this connection. And that hasn’t happened often – or at all, really. Not so instantly.”
“Sorry,” Harriet said, a hint of remorse in her face.
“It’s okay.” Tess touched Harriet’s arm. “I know I did something totally out of character but I just can’t feel apologetic about it. Garth is … amazing.”
“If he’s coming tonight we should tidy the house a little,” Grace suggested.
A thrill shot through Tess at the thought of Garth staying the night – in her bed.
“You’re right,” she told her sister. “I’ll fix up my bedroom. Pick some wildflowers and put them in a vase.”
“But what about the seminar?” Harriet asked, remaining seated. “That’s the reason you went to Vegas.”
“Yes, you’re right.” Tess slowly sat down again. “I took a ton of notes and there were also some handouts. They’re in my suitcase.” She sighed. “Basically, the most interesting and profitable ideas need a lot of money.”
“Which we don’t have,” Grace said softly.
Tess nodded. “Yeah. I’m sorry, guys. I thought I was doing the right thing by going to this seminar but if I’d known it was going to be a bust, I wouldn’t have spent the money.”
“Then you wouldn’t have met you're – Garth,” Harriet pointed out.
“There is that,” Tess agreed. “I’m sure you two are going to like him.”
“Hope so,” Harriet murmured. “But before we do some boring housework, tell us more about the seminar. Did they mention anything we could try?”





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