McCabe (Dark Justice #3)

McCABE                                                           JENNA RYAN

Rowena Connor's ex-was a monster, and she'd do anything to protect her son from him. Including fake her death and sequester her son in another country. But somehow her ex-figured it out. Now he's kidnapped her son and wants her dead—for real this time. 

US Marshal Ryan McCabe had to leave Rowena to save her. It gutted him. But now she's dropped into his life unexpectedly, on the run from the man McCabe has been hunting for years. He still burns for her, but it's clear she definitely hasn't gotten over what he did to her. Who can blame her? But her only hope to stay alive is to trust him, dark secrets and all.


This is the third book in the series and it begins with action and for the most is that way until the end. Having not read any of the other books I really did not know what expect, but was not disappointed where the action part of the story. Rowena fakes her death in order to save her son who she believes is safely hidden from her ex who she found out is not the person she thought he was. He is someone evil. Now she is hoping that she can find someone from her past Ryan McCabe who she fell in love with but broke her heart. He is also a U.S. Marshall and he is looking for her ex but for a totally different reason. Thinking that she could be around him she realizes she can’t, but McCabe can’t let her go again and must help find her son and protect them. Many twist and turns some that I did not see coming. A good fast paced story though. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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