Ride with the SEAL (Norse Security #1)

RIDE WITH A SEAL                                       LESLIE NORTH

When ex-SEAL Camden Thursday enters the garage at two in the morning, he’s intent on grand theft auto. Instead he’s confronted with more than a hot car — there’s a sexy mechanic too. His high school crush, wrench in hand, projects a “Dangerous Curves Ahead” warning far more tempting than any joy ride, but Camden isn’t here to try the road less traveled. He’s here to jack a car and prove he can do more than manipulate computer code for the black ops service he works for: Norse Security. So while Camden is looking to get physical on this job, he was hoping for someone to punch, not someone to plunder…

Everly Knight is the baddest bad girl in town. As the daughter of a mobster and a name in the auto industry for hot cars, she could rest on her laurels and let her reputation proceed her. However, Everly has a deep dark secret: she wants nothing more than a shiny, new, legal garage all of her own. She’s just a few thousand away from cashing in and figures that one last illegal car theft could finance her legal dreams. That is until the geek from her past shows up as a hunky hero; letting Everly see that it’s possible to become more than just a tough girl.

Camden may be all muscle, but it’s Everly who can stall the entire operation. She holds him hostage and offers an ultimatum: Take her on the ride or find himself a sitting duck for the mob. It’s not a hard choice when the bombshell revs his engine. But with warring goals and secret missions, they’ll find themselves fighting for their futures and racing toward a love they never saw coming.


A new series by Leslie North with former Navy Seals as the lead characters. In this first book Camden Thursday is wanting to get in and out and prove to his boss that he is more than a guy that just sit behind a desk, but can also be useful in the field. What he must do is hijack the car which is loaded with off the chart technology, and he must do it before the car falls into the wrong hands. It is the technology that is priceless. His first problem is not the car but a women named Everly Knight, who is bad ass when it comes to cars and who father has been tied to the mob for as long as he can remember. That is the other problem he knows her and at one time had a crush on her, well maybe he still does. Now as they begin to argue they must also fight their way out of the garage and he must get far enough away to check the damage to the car. He also must let his boss know what happened. It just seems like every time that they are safe for a while the same guys show up again. Can this ride turn into a joy ride because it does not start off that way? This is a fast read and full of action from the beginning a good story to get lost in. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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