Tap - A Love Story

TAP                                                                    TRACY EWENS

Cade McNaughton is the last man standing. His brothers have all found love. Despite his recent oh-so-revealing Instagram nightmare and his family’s subsequent disappointment, Cade is ready to fall for a woman who cares more about the last book he read and less about his body. But amid the buzz and banter of tending Foghorn Brewery’s bar, Cade is not exactly settle-down material. All that’s about to change, starting with buzzing off his fauxhawk and sporting a cardigan that has everyone talking. 

Sistine Branch has more bills than money, yet she’s fine eating barbecue chips for dinner if it means keeping her knitting shop open. But when her lights go out and the electrician puts a ten-thousand-dollar price tag on renovations, Sistine’s back is against an old and crumbling wall. For the past two years, she’s relied solely on herself, which makes selling out to the one woman from her past who can ruin everything the worst decision ever. 

Cade and Sistine are backgammon and end-of-the-bar friends. One rejection, a literal fall into Cade’s arms, and a dinner date with farm animals have them enmeshed in feelings neither thought possible. But, it only takes one lie, a literal fall from grace, and a date with the she-devil to unravel everything they’ve come to know. 

If they want a real shot, they’ll need to start from the beginning and realize that love is often a tangled mess, sometimes a funny T-shirt, but never perfect.


I was really looking forward to reading this book about Cade and also the last book in the series. For some reason, though I could not get into the story. First I was bothered by his brothers being upset with him over a post of a picture on the internet when he was the one who did not take the picture or post it. Found that all bothersome. Sistine character at first seemed liked she would be less complicated but for someone who owned a knitting store, she had a more secret and confusing time every time I turned around. When the both of them were together it was good but then it would go off again. I have liked the series and I am sorry I did not like this book. Maybe it is just me? I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 3 three stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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