TEMPT THE FLAME (The Smokejumpers #1)

TEMPT THE FLAME                               MARNEE BLAKE

Someone is bound to get burned… 

Meg Buchanan is determined to prove she didn’t get the trainer job in Redmond, Oregon’s rookie smokejumper class because of her family’s long history as firefighters—or out of pity. But if teaching one of her own brothers isn’t challenge enough, she’s shocked to see Lance Roberts in the new class of recruits. Once her brother’s best friend, and her first, unrequited crush, he’s also the son of the man responsible for her dad’s death.
Lance is stunned to realize that this confident redhead is the stubborn girl he once dreamed about. There’s no way he can fall for her now. He needs to focus all his attention on his training—and uncover the truth behind the long-ago fire that killed both their fathers. But as the undeniable heat between them threatens to ignite, someone attempts to put an end to Lance’s amateur sleuthing—and his life… 

     What an interesting story of two families who were at one time one big family brought together by two men who loved putting out fires.  One day ten years ago it all changed both their lives were all cut far too short forever.
     You see Meg Buchanan and Lance Roberts’ dads were smokejumpers in Redwood, Oregon.  They had grown up together and were buddies on each other’s smoke team.  They had made a jump with some rookies and didn’t make it back alive on their last jump.  Although, the official report couldn’t make any real call as to finding fault talk was that since JT (Lance’s dad) was the risk taker as far as extreme sports, and whatnot and Jason quieter than JT caused him to be the one to jump on the wrong side of the fire.
     So, ten years later Lance was offered a chance to try out for the same spot for the Redwood Smokejumpers.  Therefore, that would be his big chance to start his own private investigation into what happened the doom-filled day.  Shattering six children and the two, widows as well.  Instead of being honest with the one woman in the world who has always meant the most to him, Meg, he lied through omission to her.
     What started out as small pranks to get him to leave the tryout became no laughing matter rather quickly.  Scary to say, making those around him a target on so many levels.  When he would back away from Meg.  During those times making serious situations even more serious, it made her wonder who lives like this.  Was the man she was in love with even worth it?
     Meg would then stiffen her spine and walk away.  Only seeing him at the training sessions.  Oh yeah, did I fail to tell you she just happened to be one of his physical fitness trainers who could pass or fail him during this course?  You know to basically be a jumper?  Good thing she’s not petty and he’s extremely fit because he was hands down the top of the class.

     See who is gunning for Lance but who gets caught in their crosshairs.  Find out if what the townspeople say about Lance’s dad is true for the last ten years or if the answer will surprise you as it did me.  Most of all, see if Lance can stiffen his backbone enough to be the brave and honorable man who can love and take care of Meg.  Something that’s she’s needed over the last ten years.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  
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