The Rancher's Secret Son (Montana Merricks #2)


Rancher Eli Merrick has discovered a secret. It’s a sixteen-year-old secret, one with Merrick eyes, a Merrick chin and a stubborn Merrick attitude. 

Piper Beauregard knows that she was wrong to keep Tristen from his father. But her son had the power to hurt the Merrick brothers and split their family apart forever. 

Now the secret is out, and Eli is angrier than she could have imagined. After claiming his son, Eli takes him straight to Marietta, Montana to raise him on the old Douglas Ranch. Guilt-ridden at keeping the two apart, Piper knows she has to follow them. She’s still drawn to Eli's protectiveness, even after so many years, but will he ever be able to look past their history?


In this book, Piper Beauregard has kept a secret from her friends as to how the father of her 16-year-old son is. This all comes to a head though when she moves back to a place where she grew up for a while to open up a new business. When the Merrick brothers come to help move one of the other ones they notice a boy outside the home and at first thinking it was Lucas being the father who was dating Piper at the time it turns out Eli is the father. Lucas who had been dating her broke up with her the night of the prom and Eli driving on the road found her walking. One thing led to another because he had always liked her and there you have it. Now 16 years later he is pissed which I get but he begins to order the boy around and tells her he is taken him to another town. I don’t know about you but at 16 I had problems doing what my own father wanted me to do let alone some man I had never seen before so it would have been a cold day before I went and what mother is going to say okay. Feeling guilty she agrees and goes with them, but Eli for the first part of the book acts like a jerk. He then starts to come around when Piper starts to stand up for herself when Eli thinks she still likes Lucas, hello he dumped her you jerk, and if you really liked her so much why didn’t you find out where her family moved to and go find her? Now 16 years later you want to act all butthurt while she was raising a child. Not a bad story just had issues here and there. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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