WHEN WE WERE US (Timber Creek Series Book 2)

WHEN WE WERE US                                ELENA AITKEN

She no longer knows who she is or what she wants. He blames himself for her pain. Is their marriage strong enough to survive their greatest hurt? 
Christy Thomas has built her entire life around the dream of being a mother and raising a family with her high school sweetheart, Mark. After years of infertility, doctors, treatments and heartbreaking disappointments, that dream seems further away than ever before. 

All Christy’s ever wanted is to be a mother. Without that she doesn’t know who she is anymore or what she wants from life. 

Mark loves his wife unconditionally but can’t bear knowing that he failed to give her the family she so desperately wants. 

At the very time when they should be coming together, their pain is pulling them apart. Is this challenge more than their marriage can withstand? Or will they be able to see past their individual hurts and come together again to have their own second chance at love—together? 

When We Left—Cam's Second Chance (Available Now!)
When We Were Us—Christy's Second Chance (Available Now!)
When We Began—Amber's Second Chance (Coming Fall 2018!)
When We Fell—Drew's Second Chance (Coming Winter 2018!) 

   When we look at a young woman most would assume, “Wow, she may be a mom one day.”  If she chooses, you might be right.  But anymore we are finding out it is not so true.  It could be genetics, a woman waiting longer to have children or something in the timing.  Whatever the case, it is the reality that seemed to have plagued Mark and Charity Thomas.  Did you notice I said both?

     However, one or the other sometimes both takes on the burden of being the one that caused the lack of being able to conceive.  They are a couple who fell madly and deeply in love in eight grades over the dissection of a frog or should a say the funeral after the dissection of the said frog.  That’s when Mark knew Christy was the girl for him.

     They went to college, Mark on to medical school, they set up a house and a medical practice in their hometown of Timber Creek.  Yet, when it came time to start their family nothing happened.  Until finally they had to try IVF.  After three rounds of extremely expensive treatments, they were wrung out, as well as tapped out financially.

     Mark wanted to talk on the drive home about their options.  Christy, however, was numb.  Mark had noticed a change in her but figured she was just tired from all the hormones in the shots.  Yet, him putting distance between them didn’t help.  But he just couldn’t see her disappointment when the treatments didn’t work or the tears.  He hated it.  He was losing her.

     Yet, Christy needed time to absorb the fact that her body was not going to be the vessel for their own birth child.  Therefore, she was the one who let them down.  She was living her own private hell.  She was shattering before her own eyes yet Mark wasn’t even noticing her or seeing her.  He instead chose to sign up for the marathon that he knew she hated because it made her feel like she was a runner’s widow, he was gone so much.  So, she just smiled and acted overjoyed.

     This book grips you the minute you pick it up.  Although, I had read the first book and knew about this book's content.  Being this was something that had touched my life I was so wanting to read it.  I wasn’t disappointed.  It was emotionally charged all the way through.

     Taking you on a rollercoaster of conflicted emotions as to how you feel about all the characters and how they weave into each other’s lives.  Especially, Mark and Christy’s situation you will feel like laughing and crying.  For sure you will want to be angry too.  I know you won’t regret taking to the time to read this that is for sure.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  I bought this on Amazon.

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