Lone Star Princess (Castles of Dallas #2)

LONE STAR PRINCESS                                 LENORA WORTH

Annabelle Castle is a rebel without a cause…until her stepsister, the head of the glamorous Castle Department store, offers her the chance of a lifetime. Too bad the opportunity to finally play a role in the Castle’s future comes with strings attached—the man who gets under her skin.

Former cop Johnny Darrow is head of security for the Texas-based Castles. He excels at his job and nothing gets to him…except Annabelle. Even as he dragged Annabelle out of many public relations disasters with the paparazzi, he knew there was so much more to her than the headline-grabbing, rich girl. Now that she’s matured and determined to turn over a new leaf, he finds her irresistible. She’s smart, creative, and makes him feel things he hasn’t after a personal tragedy.

When Johnny’s assigned a job as Annabelle’s bodyguard, he must push his feelings aside. Can Johnny keep his focus to protect Annabelle or will his feelings for her put everything at risk?


The second book in the series has Annabelle Castle changing from the wild girl to now a woman coming up with creative displays in the department store. Her sister now wants her to take her talent to a new that will be opening soon and give it the look that only she can give it. Also going with her to be her bodyguard and to hire security is Johnny Darrow. They have a thing for each other but it is only with words so far. Once they leave the store to be on their own you would think that the story would pick up some but here is where I found it to lag for some reason. Though I liked Annabelle’s character and could see the constant change for some reason Johnny’s character I found slow and actually slowed the story for part of it. When you start getting to the end it will start to pick up again and works towards a very nice ending. Wish it could have been a little more. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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