She no longer knows who she is or what she wants. He blames himself for her pain. Is their marriage strong enough to survive their greatest hurt?
Christy Thomas has built her entire life around the dream of being a mother and raising a family with her high school sweetheart, Mark. After years of infertility, doctors, treatments and heartbreaking disappointments, that dream seems further away than ever before.
All Christy’s ever wanted is to be a mother. Without that she doesn’t know who she is anymore or what she wants from life.
Mark loves his wife unconditionally but can’t bear knowing that he failed to give her the family she so desperately wants.
At the very time when they should be coming together, their pain is pulling them apart. Is this challenge more than their marriage can withstand? Or will they be able to see past their individual hurts and come together again to have their own second chance at love—together?

“There you are,” her husband Mark said as soon as he saw her. He pushed up from the wall where he’d been leaning, tucked his phone into his back pocket and reached for her hand. “I was beginning to think you may have fallen in.” He gave her a grin that was as equally fake as the one she wore on her own face. “Are you ready for this?”
How was she supposed to answer that question? Was she ready to lay on the doctor’s examination table, like some sort of specimen, to see whether their latest round of in vitro fertilization and hormone therapies had worked, and they were finally, thankfully, mercifully pregnant?
Yes. She was ready for that.
But Mark’s question was two-sided.
Was she ready to lie on that table, surrounded by doctors, nurses, and students and hear the news that once again the ultrasound revealed the treatments hadn’t worked, and now, not only were they not pregnant, but they were completely out of options? Was she ready for that?
Instead of saying exactly what she was thinking, Christy nodded and with cheer, she didn’t feel sad, “Absolutely. Let’s do this.”
Mark’s hand felt clammy in hers. Not the warm, strong support that he usually offered her with a simple touch.
When had that changed?

A secret that threatens to consume her…
A man who challenges her sense of control and the very essence of her being…
A connection that could change everything…
When overachieving, career-focused Amber Monroe has to move back to the hometown she couldn’t wait to escape, she swears it’s only temporary. Or, at least, that’s the story she’s telling people. The truth is, she can’t go back to her old life and there’s no way in hell she’s going to tell anyone why.
After a devastating loss, Logan Myers spiraled out of control. It was the healing power of horses and years of hard work that helped him rebuild his life. Now he’s developed an equine therapy program in the hopes of helping others if only he can get it off the ground.
Amber couldn’t be more skeptical of Logan and his ‘healing horses’. But when he challenges her to give equine therapy a try, the last thing she expects is to open up. First to the animals, and then—more unexpectedly—to him.
After a lifetime of being independent and in control, Amber finds herself putting her trust in a man and her sudden and overwhelming connection to Logan threatens to turn her life upside down. She can’t let herself get too close, trust too much because if she does, the secrets she’s been keeping will ruin everything.

He spied an open seat. “Is this seat taken?” he asked as he slid the chair out.
“I don’t think—Logan?” 
He blinked and for the first time noticed in the dim lighting that it was Amber Monroe who occupied the seat next to him. “Hi.” He smiled and gestured to the seat, doing his best to ignore the way his body reacted to the sight of her. He shouldn’t feel anything for her. After all, she did nothing but annoy him and aggravate him. Mostly.
“Go ahead,” Amber said. She turned her attention back to the band which gave him the opportunity to watch her. Her fingers bounced along the table in time to the music and her body swayed just slightly as if she wasn’t willing to completely give herself over to the beat. She was mesmerizing, and Logan was so lost in watching her he hardly noticed when the song ended.
It wasn’t until Amber cleared her throat that he realized she’d caught him staring at her. “Hi.” 
“You said that already.” 
“It never hurts to say it again.” He smiled and to his surprise, she smiled back. He hadn’t been sure how she would react to him after being at the ranch. After her time with Chester in the ring, she’d been quieter and way less opposed to the idea of equine therapy. In fact, she hadn’t said one word about hocus-pocus or voodoo or whatever else she thought about what he did with the horses. She hadn’t said much at all, really. But he could tell she’d been impacted by her time with Chester. “I’m glad I ran into you actually.” 
Her face changed, the smile faded and her lips pressed into a thin line. It had been the wrong thing to say. 
She turned away as the band struck up a new song and he didn’t push the conversation. This time while Timber Heart was playing, Amber didn’t bounce to the music. Her fingers didn’t tap on the table. Instead, she held herself stiffly as if she knew he was watching her. 
“Aren’t they great?” The moment the band signed off to take a break, Mark turned to face the table and share his enthusiasm for his wife’s performance. “They’re recording for a demo tonight. “Hey, Logan. I didn’t see you come in.” 
Logan waved his hand in greeting. “I snuck in during the last set,” he said. “And they are awesome. I’m glad I came.” He turned to look at Amber as he spoke, but she wasn’t looking at him, she’d excused herself from the table and was moving quickly away from him into the crowd.
Without saying a word to anyone at the table, he got up and started after her. He couldn’t be sure she was avoiding him, but he was definitely going to find out. “Hey.” He reached out and grabbed her arm before she could disappear into the crowd again. She spun around, her eyes narrowed but he didn’t let go of her arm. 

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