Chance Blackwell's return--Could cost her everything! Ten years after he eloped with Katie Montgomery's sister, Chance Blackwell is back in Montana to sell his family ranch. Katie could lose her job and the only home she's known. But the loyal cowgirl is keeping a secret that could shatter trust and jeopardize her future with the widowed musician and her toddler niece. Unless Chance's growing affection for her and all things Blackwell can earn Katie his forgiveness--and his love.

     This is an interesting story and the last in the series of five written by five different authors.  I will have to check the order but I don’t care.  The way I add them is how I happened to read them and it didn’t affect the overall outcome at all.  I only read three of the five and Wow!  Is all I can say.  Talented for sure.  The writing was seamless.  It was like this was one author writing all three.  
     This author, however, pulls on your heart strings for sure as well as tickling our funny bone.  You find yourself rooting for one brother and then another.  I’ll tell you for sure I love the women they all hook up with and are engaged to.
     The story revolves around Chance and his daughter Rosie Blackwell who will win your heart.  She is a force for nature but what unites a lot of the family see life through her eyes.
     Chance may have been born and raised on a ranch but hated every minute.  And let’s just get this straight he likes horses in general just not being on one.  The horses don’t like him being on them either.  Therefore, he ate a lot of dirt as a kid.  Hence the nickname “Stable Boy.”  He’s good with that too.
     He had bigger plans to make it as a singer.  He did it too with concerts, CD’s, and fans.  Then his wife Maura came down with cancer and he chose to be home with her and his daughter, Rosie.  Instead of on the road.  His brothers offered to help but Chance still held old grudges from growing up and said, “No.”
     Not to mention Maura’s own father turned his back on her during her hardest time.  Her little sister Katie would facetime her, call her, and text her all the time.  Which was, bittersweet, for them both.  Fast forward two years and his phone, is blowing up wanting him to come home they need him.  Something about a vote, the ranch, and their MIA grandfather.  He wanted no part of it.
     Well, the moment of avoiding was over.  After his first gig after Maura passing his twin, Tyler finds him in L.A. in a dive bar.  He fills him in on how important it is that he comes home so they can get controlling interest away from their granddad.  Now after four days of driving with Rosie they are just outside the gates of the ranch.
     They get out to stretch and he can procrastinate.  When a beautiful redhead rides up.  Chance is amazed that it’s Katie, Maura’s little sister, although she’s all woman now with curves in all the right places.  When did she grow into a woman?
     Katie’s life has not been idle since he eloped with her sister.  She has had the sole responsibility of her drunkard father.  Who now has a bad heart and can’t work.  So, rather than tell everyone she has been doing both their jobs running her self-thin.  Then when Big-E runs off letting all the staff go on the ranch she had to call Jon the eldest brother for help.  Of course, he calls in reinforcements.

     You really don’t want to miss reading this book at all.  You will get to know each of the characters well.  Although reading the series adds to the fun on how the brothers end up with such spunky women who can turn these Alpha Males into pussycats.  Even better five men and so far, the ones that have children only produce girls. 😉 I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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