I'm coming home with my bride-to-be. Tyler Blackwell just announced that he and Hadley Sullivan are getting married. And they've never even dated! Now she and her boss are in Montana so Tyler can sell his family ranch. Hadley only agreed to continue the deception in exchange for a promotion. But moving up the corporate ladder pales beside her growing feelings for Tyler. Will his past and Blackwell family secrets sabotage what Hadley wants more than anything a real wedding?

     Life for the all work no play Tyler Blackwell just got complicated.  You see his business partner of five years, in advertising, is requiring he take a two-week vacation.  The staff needs a break from him.
     Tyler doesn’t know what it means to have normal business hours or boundaries.  While his partner was away he sent thirty plus email after business hours well into the wee hours of the morning.  Kellen, when they started, was gun ho but now he is enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Not Tyler.
     At the same time, Tyler was getting endless phone calls from three of his brothers from the family ranch in Montana.  Letting him know it was urgent that he come home.  After three months, of no returned calls it had hit emergency status and they were taking a subpoena out if they had to.
     Hedley one of the nine employees who are not afraid to tell Tyler anything or his growl tells him to call his brothers.  Before his employees decide to do a strike because they are all fielding his calls.  Because his family had resorted to calling them and his brothers knew his staff better than him now. 
     When he finally does call he lies and tries to say that he can’t come due to all the work obligations and his pending wedding plans to Hedley.  She gasps when he says that.  When he gets off the phone he explains that he’s going and he needs her to go with because he couldn’t be progressed enough to have a fiancĂ© or a wife like all his siblings so he just used her name.
     He said he would give her anything if she would go with him.  She says yes for the promotion that should have been hers in the first place as the lead brand strategist.  She not happy doing this to his family but if it gets her the title and pays for the job she is already doing on top of her own job, well…
     He convinces Hellen that she needs to go do research on a client in person for the two weeks and Kellen agrees.  Things are freeing at the ranch when it is just the two of them in between doing the marketing, branding, and selling of the ranch.  Good memories surface along with those that have kept Tyler frozen and so far away from the ranch.
     Hadley though has this way of challenging Ty yet, not pushing him to help him walk.  Little by little through some of those feelings.  Now the issue with his brothers not as easy.  Keeping the secret from them is even harder since they are ruthless with questions and totally not trusting like Ty.
     Hadley had her work cut out for her.  The first kiss from Ty as a reward at his brother’s house when they were there for dinner the first night undid her.  New rule: NO KISSING.  Gives her mixed messages.  It’s to mainly keep her in check.  She surmises by the looks since he doesn’t seem to react.  Not knowing he loved it.

     This is a funny and yet heart-breaking piece about a family who had fallen apart after the death of their parents.  With only an unqualified grandfather to raise five young rambunctious growing boys who most needed love and his attention.  Not four new step grandmothers each worse than the next.  Coming away with issues of only bad and feeling of hate for not only their family home, the land it was on, but for the man that was their caretaker.  It’s never easy to face death but it’s even worse to have to relive it over and over when you never faced it in the first place.  Or with those you loved the most.  As Ty is learning now.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  
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