His family committed a terrible wrong Ben Blackwell wants to make it right The last time Ben saw Rachel Thompson was when her best friend left him at the altar. Now Rachel's suing the Blackwells over river water rights. Rachel's a triple threat--rancher, a fellow attorney and a single mom--and Ben's plan to win in court hits a snag when mutual attraction blooms. If he divulges a long-held secret, will his family forgive him? Will Rachel? 


     Friendships grow over time.  Ben Blackwell and Rachel Thompson were friends growing up.  Really, they were there for each other for a lot of hard to handle moments and some tender ones too.
     Yet, the moment Ben asked out her best friend, Zoe things were different.  The three of them were together a lot of the time all three coming from the same small town in Montana.  But Zoe wanted to have the wealth of the ranching families that Rachel and Ben were born into.
     Then when he asked her to marry him and they would be moving to New York it all seemed perfect.  Because he and Rachel would be lawyers there and Zoe would be Ben’s wife.  Perfect, right?  I mean she had a grand scale wedding planned from the minute he asked. 
     In fact, when Ben was in New York already working while she was planning the wedding his granddad Big-E was taking Zoe shopping for those extras she needed to make it extra special.  He was so into his brief that he hadn’t heard the breathlessness of her words.  Of how much she was enjoying the extra care.
     Looking back, he wishes he would have listened better.  Because his granddad was already making a play for Zoe, his high school sweetheart who really never wanted to leave their hometown but didn’t say so was already falling for his granddad.  She wanted to stay home with her friends and family.  She really wanted the bigger pockets that Big-E could provide.
     Now the thing that hurts Ben the most is he finds.  After he’s waiting at the altar in front of half of the town.  It’s Rachel his old friend who is the one that comes to tell him that she tried talking her out of doing this for weeks.  But that she had run off with Big-E.  The dagger comes when he finds out that his brothers all knew ahead of time, too.
     Ben has managed to avoid the family for five years.  But an S.O.S. has been sent out to all the brothers that are not living in town, which is Chance, Tyler, and himself.  So, he knows something is amiss. 
     When work hits a snag and time is all he has he decides to go check out what is going on but calls first.  Finds out Rachel is suing for water rights.  A bad sinking feeling rises up.  He knows he has to go home to fight this especially since Rachel is involved.  But he finds himself totally aware of wanting to see her. 
     This is an interesting series of five brothers told by five different authors.  I missed the first two this was the first.  Wasn’t disappointed at all.  I loved it.  All the characters hooked me right away.  They are full-bodied and full of real life.  You feel like you’re there watching it unfold like a movie.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by

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