The Syndicate (The Pictures #2)

THE SYNDICATE                                            GUY BOLTON

June 1947

Eight years have passed since the events of The Pictures.

Jonathan Craine has left his old life in Hollywood behind him, content to live out his days on a farm in rural California with his teenage son.

But when infamous mobster and Las Vegas founder Bugsy Siegel is killed at his home in Beverly Hills, Craine is forced to face his past once again.

Summoned to Las Vegas to meet mob head Meyer Lansky, Craine is given the impossible task of finding Siegel's murderers. He has no access to crime reports, no police contacts and no one to help in his investigation other than an aging hitman and a female crime reporter with her own agenda. But Lanksy's orders aren't to be ignored; if Craine can't find Siegel's murderers in five days, he and his son will both be killed.


This book opens with the killing of Bugsy Siegel. You are then taken to a farm in upstate California where a man Jonathan Crane is forced to go to Vegas where there he is given the tasked by Myra Lansky to solve the killing in five days. Going back to L.A. where he once worked for L.A.P.D. but really was a fixer for the studios. Now dealing with a police captain that does not want to help he must find someone else. That person is a crime reporter Tilda Conroy. He also has a guy sent with named Abe who follows him around. He starts putting pieces together only to find out that the FBI agent in charge is holding out with evidence. You also get a look at Hoover's look into Hollywood stars through an investigation called HUAC, The House Un-American Committee which was looking into communism in Hollywood by actors, writers, directors, mainly a witch hunt that started shortly after WWII. The author keeps the story going along with Crane wanting to find the answers so he can save his son. You as the reader are taken through L.A. greed, wealth of Hollywood, the mafia and corruption of both the L.A.P.D and the F.B.I. A good story that keeps your attention from beginning to the end. With good characters, and good descriptions of old L.A. a very good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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