Hard and Fast (Locker Room Diaries #3)

HARD AND FAST                                         KATHY LYONS

Pro veteran catcher Connor Hart has his hands full keeping the hot-blooded rookies on his team focused on the ultimate prize—the World Series. Too bad he can’t seem to concentrate on the game himself. Because every time publicist Gia Kubic walks out on the field, his attention goes AWOL, and all he can think about is a New Years’ Eve kiss that should have gone much further…

As the team publicist, it’s Gia’s job to make heartthrobs out of every member of the team, but even she can’t figure out how to make America’s hottest catcher—and her not-so-secret fantasy—smile for the cameras. She’s fighting him, and her libido, at every turn.

Neither of them seems capable of saying no forever. But Connor has a secret, and he knows if he lets the sexy publicist get too close, his whole world could come crashing down...


Pro baseball catcher Connor Hart is having a problem with his oldest sister who likes to handle all of his PR and the new PR women for the team he is with, Gia Kubic. There is also the issue of Gia and Connor kissing at the New Year’s party that his sister caught and since then it has been acquired between Gia and her, with Connor stuck in the middle. Sophie Connors's sister has really been using him for most of his life but he doesn’t see it that way. What he does see is a beautiful woman in Gia and he is attracted to her every time they are together. The problem is that he compares her job to what his sister does and when he realizes the two are nothing the same it looks like it is too late for Gia was tired of waiting around, and when his sister twists more information he really sees what is happening, but is it too late for him to go after Gia the women he finally figures out he is in love with. A good story with good characters. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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