Mistletoe Kisses

MISTLETOE KISSES                                    MARNIE BLUE

For Officer Justin Weaver, Christmas is the most hideous time of the year. To improve his “holiday cheer,” he’s been put on Officer Kringle duty, collecting toys for the Ho-Ho-Patrol.

It’s a week in holiday hell.

Worse, it comes with an elf—his little sister’s gorgeous best friend—but Lilly Maddox isn’t so little anymore. And as an annoyingly festive reporter looking to make her mark, she’s there to document his every move.

Justin’s always had a thing for Lilly, but he refuses to go there with her. Ever. Not after watching what his mom went through as a cop’s wife. But now that they’re trapped in his squad car, avoiding her just got a lot more complicated…


The story opens with a police officer and Mr. Scrooge himself, Justin Weaver is now on Ho, Ho, Ho, kringle duty playing Santa and also collecting toys for the needy kids in town. Waiting for the parade to start is informed that a reporter will be going along with him. When that reporter turns out to be Lilly Maddox his sister’s childhood friend who he feels abandon them after their father died he does not want her around. He always liked her when they were growing up but ten years later he is still dealing with his father’s death and PTSD from when he was in the military. Lilly wants the job at the local station and after years of traveling as a reporter she wants to be in one place, but Santa Justin is a tough nut to crack, especially after they get caught kissing on camera under the mistletoe. Now the viewers want more of Santa and his Elf kissing but somehow the Elf must find a way to get to Santa. Will Santa let her go or keep her in his sleigh read this fun and fast read. My one and only sore spot is that the Justin character threw away an Aluminum 1950’S Christmas tree, having two of them myself and yes with the light and we put one up every year my heart went into shock, but it went with the character in the story. A good and fun story and a fast read. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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