ONE NIGHT STAND (One Night Stand #1)

ONE NIGHT STAND                          J.S. & HELEN COOPER

**STANDALONE BOOK with no cliffhanger** 

New Sexy Standalone from New York Times Bestselling Authors Helen Cooper and JS Cooper 

It was only supposed to be one night! 

We met at a wedding. He was hot. And I’d been in a year’s drought. 

He smiled. We got drunk. We flirted. We hooked up. I left early the next morning without saying goodbye. It was only meant to be a one night stand. I didn’t want the awkward morning after a moment. Not at all. 

Then I went home for the weekend. And he was there. Sitting on the couch chatting to my dad. Turns out he was more than just a stranger. Turns out that my one night stand was about to cause a whole heap of trouble. Turns out that it never just stops with one night. 

Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

     This story was highly unusual since this was to be a “one and done” situation.  But both Liv and Xander felt more than they ever expected.  But she left doing her early walk of shame to make it back to her apartment to tell Alice her best friend since childhood and roommate all about him. 
     This is a highly sexual book so be aware but this is also as some reviewers have written about betrayal.  Yes, I have to say that you have to read the whole crazy sorted mess to understand it really is not.
     In fact, her sister Gabby is a real piece of work that is someone who needs her mouth taped and a reboot on how to be a decent human being.  She plays everyone in her life yet everyone has always gotten after Liv for talking negatively about Gabby her older princess sister the beautiful one.
     As much as I really wanted to dislike Xander for his smirks and cockiness and taking advantage of Liv.  Especially, since she is really very young and na├»ve.  No thanks to her family who are overprotective to a fault at all times.  But he, Xander does try to change the mistakes early on which we find out later.  So, I just couldn’t dislike him. 
     Aiden is beginning to see Alice but she tries to look at Scott differently as Liv told her and it backfires and now Aiden is upset.  Still too shy just to claim her.

     Take the time to read this series it is funny.  But do it with an open mind and know this is one big dysfunctional family and their friends.  Will it change your life?  Yes, if you like, as the characters themselves call it Jerry Springer, sex, and Sexual tension.  I give this: 4 stars.  Got this free on Amazon.  
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