THAT NIGHT WITH MY BOSS (One Night Stand #2.5)


Can one passionate night change everything? 

"Scott Taylor is a Sex God." That's what Elizabeth Jeffries told her best friend Lacey, the moment after she laid eyes on him. It wasn't just because his azure blue eyes seemed to pierce her soul or the fact that his dark silky hair drew her fingers in like a magnet. It wasn't even that he smelled like sex on the beach on a cool balmy night or the fact that when he grabbed her around the waist and drew her to him, she lost her breath. No, those weren't the only reasons why Elizabeth called Scott a sex god. They weren't even the reasons why she decided to spend the night with him. Or the reasons why she decided to accept the one job that would change her life and complicate everything they had. 

No, the fact that Scott Taylor was a Sex God was the reason she was drawn to him, but the reason why she stayed was a whole lot more complicated. 

NOTE: This novella is a free steamy prequel to the full-length standalone novel Falling For My Boss, that will be released on May 16th. It will also be included Falling For My Boss when it is released so you can read it first as a free download or you can read it as part of the novel on release day. 

     This is a very short story, too short really to really get into what is really happening.  If I had not read all of the other stories.  I don’t know if I would buy the full-length of this.  Falling for my Boss.
     I do think it’s cute but somewhat immature and predictable.  Scott to me doesn’t seem anything like I thought he would be.  I was expecting someone more enlightened than Aiden and Xander who are smirky alpha males.
     It seems I was wrong.  Looks like he uses and abuses the woman he likes or thinks of as his toy for his enjoyment when he wants.  At least from this portion of the story.  Also, seems to find it easy to lie to women he has before him in his bed.
     Hope he remembers that when and if it comes time for Elizabeth to reveal the truth of her lie and who hired her to do some thinking about all his withholding of info.  Because I am invested in the characters and have read the books out of order with no problems to me, I will order the two full-length versions remaining.

     I give this: 3 stars.  Got free on Amazon.  Follow us at

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