One Winter's Day: A feel good winter romance

ONE WINTER'S DAY                                    LAURA BRIGGS

But as Ama stocks up on cinnamon for her Christmas orders, she meets tall, dark, handsome mechanic Luke, who sets her pulse racing. Who takes her out for a ride on his motorbike, and who is the first person who’s ever seen the gleam in her eye that reveals the adventurous heart she’s been trying to hide. 

Ama knows she and Luke can never work though. He’s too wild and impulsive for her orderly life. And he’s her strictly-traditional parents’ absolute worst nightmare. She needs someone calm and sensible who shares their old-fashioned values. 

As snow begins to fall, Ama tries her best to put Luke out of her mind, and concentrate on gingerbread and spiced muffins. But her latest commission, a towering cake for a winter wedding, just reminds her she’s lonely. 

Ama doesn’t want to let her parents down, and she has never broken the rules before. But do her family know best? Or should she trust her heart? 


So not knowing I ended up getting book two in the series of Wedding Bells. Which has Tess, Ama, and Natalie? Looking at the cover you would think that this would be some type of romance book, but I once again missed that part. There was a wedding and Ama goes through the motions on the dates her father set up for her until she told them no! Natalie is with a guy who does not really see her and even after he hears that the other day was her birthday he says nothing. The only person to say or do anything for her is the one guy she does want because he is from the neighborhood yet gave her a chocolate cake, a card, yet she basically told him to kick rocks I want nothing to do with you. The other guy takes her rock climbing and eating food that she doesn’t like but she does it anyway. She hasn’t heard he is leaving for South America so they are not going to be together anyway. Tess can’t decide if she is jealous or not of the women who works with Blake who Tess likes but doesn’t say anything because of being hurt in the past. Then the wedding with the two mothers fighting because of what the bride wants, this is where Tess shines and is able to pull it together. The rest of the book the author does a good job with big meddling families and how at Christmas it is just crazy. You see the reason why Natalie is with her boyfriend, and Ama finally goes to the guy in the leather jacket and motorcycle. Tess, on the other hand, is thinking something totally different about Blake, so once again no romance just a storybook. The guy on the cover of the book got more action than any guys between the pages. The characters are good. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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