He had no faith in love. She had no faith in men. They’ve got nine months to find faith in each other.
Since the night his life had taken a dramatic left turn, Nick Jacobs had been searching for a chance to prove he was the man he’d always wanted to be. When his old friend calls him and offers him a chance to help rebuild the Cormac University football program, he thinks this is his shot. He didn’t count on falling for Olivia or getting her pregnant. Can he juggle all his responsibilities and prove to himself, once and for all, that he’s worthy of love?
After the traumatic loss of her mother, Olivia Valenti shut herself off from the world. Running the Cormac University English department is a dream come true. She didn’t think she would ever want or need anything else. One night with Nick in Las Vegas and motherhood is on the horizon. Can she open her heart to Nick and build the home she never knew she dreamed of?
An instant attraction and a night of celebration lead to an unexpected pregnancy, which Nick and Olivia are determined to face together. Unfortunately, their pasts and present are about to collide, and old secrets will challenge the foundation they’re trying to build their family on. Can they learn to let go of the past in time to share a future?
Will they realize that love always wins?
Welcome to Shotgun Romance, the second book in the Gridiron Knights series set in King’s Folly, South Carolina, where football is king, and the locals have something to say about everything. When you come for a visit, you’ll never want to leave.
This is a stand-alone romance. It can be read and enjoyed on its own. If it’s your first taste of the Gridiron Knights, check out Second Chance Option and find out how Tess and Cade found their happily-ever-after.


     What an interesting a unique storyline this was to read.  It was like peeling an onion layer by layer.  Yet, no tears.  Okay, some tense moments.
     This is a story of two people who by rights could have at any time sat down and given up.  Instead, they decided to do the exact opposite.  You have Olivia the child who started college at nine.  Her small brain at nine was bigger than a full-grown adult.  Her life was not an easy one at all.  Yes, she was gifted but what friends could she have?  Think about it.  Really, think about it.  Her peers educational wise is, “Yeah, right.”  And nine-year-olds are like, “What is she talking about?”
     Then, at sixteen her father murders her mother.  His family turns their backs on her.  Her mom had no family so she was emancipated because y the time he was found guilty she had finished graduate school.
     As for Nick.  He was getting a second chance.  Not to play football but to help those on the field and be near the game.  His old teammate and military buddy, is going to be the head coach at Cormac Univ.  Cade is a good friend.  Even knowing his past.
     When he is a senior his girlfriend and her best friend took off in his truck after lifting his keys out of his pocket while kissing him.  They had been drinking.  When he realized this, he tried to stop them by jumping into the bed of the truck.  His girlfriend’s friend was killed when his girlfriend slams into a tree.  Long and short of it he takes the blame for it since it was his truck and says he was driving.
     The judge gave him an option of 4 years in the military or prison he took the military and stayed in much longer.  Then he moved to King’s Folly to open a mechanic shop with his brother, Simon.  When Cade calls about the job, he came. 
     He sees Olivia the first days he is in town at the library.  She is the head librarian.  With his background, he doesn’t figure he can dirty up her life.  But when she being a good friend of Cade’s future wife and then all end up in Vegas for their wedding together and Olivia and Nick end up on the dance floor more than once.  It is fate.
     What they thought was a ‘One and Done’ turns into a lot more.  He finds out and there is a no obligation clause she gives him but he wants to be involved.  Now Olivia’s on two weeks bed rest.  See what goes on.
     I enjoy the dynamics of this couple.  The closeness of their friends and the one for all mentality.  I am having questions as to what the Gills are up to, we never find out.  Why Brian is delaying the divorce and why Jr. locked out Sr.?
     I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by 

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