STRONGER THAN EVER                            ANCELLI

Sequel to My Best Friend. 

Jason and Kay are back. Will they let secrets and lies tear them apart, or will their love for each other become Stronger Than Ever. 

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content.

     This was such an interesting part two to the series.  Filled with sexual foreplay, loving sexual scenes, and unfortunately a sexual assault.  So, you are aware.
     This couple for being best friends and being so in tune with one another for four years before they got together, wow.  They are lacking in communication skills in this version of the book.  I feel like they are not even the same couple in ways. 
     Jason is a hot head and seeks revenge a lot for being a lawyer.  Not to mention he seemed to be controlling when it came to Kay and the Jealousy issues.  At the same time, he treated her and Angel like a queen and princesses.  Until, someone tries to flirt, get to close, or anything remotely threatening he comes unglued.
     Kay is also territorial because it is not beyond her to get all up in any woman’s face either.  To let them know that he is her man and they better get back.  His ex-being and a temp secretary.  In both those issues, I can’t blame her.
     But when she does something that feels like a betrayal to Jason and he leaves home for some time to himself to get over it and it turns into one and a half months.  She figures she is a strong black woman who doesn’t need any man.  Taking off her ring and hitting the club scene.  Jason is not pleased.  Especially, when he finds out she consulted a lawyer.  He has choices to make.  Is it too late?

     This was a good story I liked, book one better.  This book Jason seemed to whinny and vindictive for my liking.  He was always flying off the handle and running out on Kay.  I give this: 3 stars.  I got this on Amazon.  Follow us at

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