Taste Me

TASTE ME                                                      CALI CALIENTE

Culinary columnist Aurora Daring adores creating desserts with fresh fruit and dreams of becoming a pastry chef. Always on the lookout for new food places to review, she visits Love’s Farmer’s Market, an old barn converted into a ‘green store’ with all the wonders a gourmet cook could possibly want. She finds something else as well—a ruggedly handsome man who fulfills all her sexual fantasies in one impromptu encounter.

Bryce Lovella loves his family's farm. His idea of expanding the farm to include a produce market is just the beginning of his aspirations. He also wants to start a family. When his twin brother, Brent, challenges him to find the perfect woman in two weeks’ time and get her to say I love you, Bryce eagerly agrees to play. He’s already seduced the woman of his dreams. There’s only one problem—he never got her name.


The story opens with Aurora meeting Bryce in a farmers market. There is an instant attraction between them and the beginning of hot steamy scenes begin as well. You come to find out that she writes for a food magazine and that Bryce has a brother, a twin. They run a produce farm and then another part of the story begins with a bet that the other brother comes up with. He goes and during the course of the day and evening he finds and passes himself off as Bryce. Aurora starts to become confused by thinking that he has a split personality, but the sex, when she is with Bryce, makes her feel like she has never felt before. It is not until you get to the last part of the book that everything starts to come together for her and you the reader. Things start to be explained and once you get to the end the story is okay. My only problem is that the one twin Brett should not be acting the way he was for the age he was at. Once you get to the end you start to understand some. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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