The leap from friends to lovers means they have everything to gain... or everything to lose...
Colleagues, confidants and best friends for years, Flynn and Sabrina have never crossed that line. Until one searing Valentine's Day kiss. And when circumstances force Sabrina to move in with Flynn...that line disappears. But becoming friends with benefits must stay a secret. Because if word gets out, they'll be risking their professional reputations and their relationship...

     This was a little different than the blurb/synopsis in a good way.  Flynn, Sabrina, Gage, and Reid are all college friends who have all stuck together ever since. Now, thirty not much has changed other than Flynn has just gotten divorced from a woman who is the worst of the worse.
     Not only did she make him jump through hoops during the three years they were married.  She always wanted bigger and better.  Plus, there was this under the table written law that he could not be too close of buddies with Sabrina outside of work.  Nothing was ever enough.  Not even him apparently.  She takes up with his older brother, Julian.  He was more creative.  Well, yeah, he’s an artist.
     So, once the divorce came down the guys went skiing not inviting Sabrina for it was a male bonding experience.  Plus, they were re-spouting their original pact of not ever marrying ever.  Women were nothing but trouble.  Flynn was saying he had no argument from Reid for he never planned on marriage due to his background.
     Gage, however, was on the fence.  But Flynn made them both promise him.  When they get back Flynn’s father lost his fight to cancer and passes away.  He must run the company that his father really never let him be a part of while he was alive.  The thing is his dad’s cronies are not taking the changes well.  So, the lawyer makes a suggestion to Sabrina that she makes him take a hiatus or the employees will walk.
     The business really couldn’t handle that.  So, she plans to go on vacation with him.  She vows to turn him back into the Flynn she remembers and less like his father which everyone hates.  Even him.  On the first day of vacation, they kiss.  Which leads to a week of what ifs.
     When Sabrina needs to move in they start a friend with benefits arrangement.  It is going great, well sort of.  Until they end up at Veronica’s home and she puts in Sabrina’s head that she’s the “rebound girl” and nothing that will last.  She can’t get those words out of her head.
     Once they head back to work, she is back at her apartment.  The see way less of each other.  Making what Veronica said become Neon lights flashing.  She needs to do something to set things right again.  So, that it no longer feels like quicksand.
     This is a really quick read.  Fast pace, fun with a good set of friends.  You will enjoy the author’s humor and straightforwardness she makes Sabrina a strong character on her own behalf.  Can you be friends and lovers?

     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us on

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