Life is sweet for New Yorkers Molly and Gabe: They’re young, in love, and newly engaged.

But when Gabe sells his first novel—a thinly-veiled retelling of his wild love affair with ex-girlfriend Talia—and it becomes a national sensation, Molly can’t help but feel like the third wheel. To make matters worse, Talia reappears in Gabe’s life, eager to capitalize on the book’s success and to rekindle what she had with Gabe… at least, that's how it seems to Molly. But even more concerning? Gabe doesn’t seem concerned at all. Instead, he’s delighting in his newfound fame and success.

Jealous, paranoid, and increasingly desperate, Molly starts to spin out of control. Her social life, work life, and love life all go to pieces. As fact and fiction, and past and present, begin to blur, Molly realizes the only way out of this downward spiral is to fight her way back up. But what—if anything—will be left of her life and her relationship when she arrives?

     Talk about a storyline that gets into heads of its characters as they go through major meltdowns in their lives.
     As the reader, you see their private turmoil as well as sometimes their very public and embarrassing turmoil’s.  Relationships are not easy under the ideal of circumstances.  But have it go public as in, to the world, is almost impossible.
     Molly Stone the go-to girl for HR at her company.  When Gabe Dover comes in for an interview for the position, the rings all the bells she is looking for in the position.  Although, he told her he couldn’t see himself in the position once he knew what was involved.  After it had long been filled, Gabe calls HR to ask for Molly.
     From that day forward, they had their own three-year fairytale.  They moved in together.  Molly’s pay went to all the main bills like rent and most everything else and Gabe worked part-time at an Italian restaurant to pay a couple of utilities.  The rest of the time he worked on his novel.  They never talked about content due to the one time she read a short story of his.  She corrected it hence he just wanted her opinion, not corrections.
     So, when he finally declares he is finished with his novel she’s happy but unsure of what she will be reading.  When she does read the first chapter, she is angry, hurt, and feeling betrayed.  Because she finds out the man, she loves has been spending all his time writing a book about his ex-girlfriend and all their sexcapades.
     When she sees that the ex’s name keeps popping up on his phone she starts wigging out.  She can’t seem to focus at work.  So, she lets her imagination get the best of her.  Pulling her best friends into her crazy escapades to find out about the ex.  But when things get out of hand and the book reaches the hands of a reality star it amps up her fears.
     His book is the talk of the town before it even comes out and it even hits the shelves.  The only problem with this is the ex-has now made herself a part of press and publicity.  Making Molly question everything in her and Gabe’s relationship.  Yet, only to herself.  Until she starts to unravel.  As well as their relationship.
     They’re on the line to a dead end and they have the world watching and yet no one knows she’s even his fiancĂ©.  At this point which she allows.  She even starts to wonder if she is too.  
     This story is constantly rolling along at a quickly with transitioning of emotions.  Showing us how we can allow our emotions to get the best of us and in turn manifest non-trust.  It can help us to understand things that are not understandable when we take time to talk.  When our hearts hurt, we become confused and tend to shut down.  When really, we should open up in order to find understanding.
     This is a lot of self-doubt and dialog in the characters head which I am sure turns a lot of people off.  But really there is a lot going on that pertains to a lot of people today.  If you really listen to the relationships that are out there.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com. 

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