FAKE MARRIAGE FAVOR (Make Believe Brides, #1)

FAKE MARRIAGE FAVOR                        KACY CROSS

One totally innocent photograph taken out of context and Nomi’s reputation goes up in flames.
Easy fix: marry the man from the picture. After all, he’s her best friend.

Malone makes it his job to look out for Nomi. So, of course, he can’t say no when she proposes a fake marriage to save her political campaign. But the betrayals they’ve suffered in the past make their marriage of convenience a risky move—especially when real feelings start to swirl between them. Will this favor cost them their friendship or turn into something greater than they’d ever imagined?

     I enjoyed this book that seemed to mostly take the viewpoint of the male character, Malone Delmar.  Best friends to Mikel and Nomi Hannon all through high school and beyond.
     Until Mikel lands himself in prison taking the law firm with him and almost his sister.  Being the crusader that she is about right and wrong.  By the way, Malone loves about her.  She defends her brother as the evidence mounted in the case which was not in Mikel’s favor.  Hence, why Mikel is in prison.
     Now, she was alone even her fiancĂ© dumped her over the scandal.  The one person who never abandoned her was her brother’s running buddy and best friend, Malone.  He kept an eye on her and he even told her when a condo became available next to him.
     It was a little self-contained within the development that the condo is its staple and shops anchor with a quad in the center to socialize where she has met other women Katie, Carolina, Lilith, and Eliza.  She really could practice law any more who would hire her.
     However, she still volunteered at the homeless shelter giving advice on legal issues and helping with forms.  Now, however, see so many injustices she is running for Dallas City Council.  She, of course, was not able to throw the money needed to run this grassroots campaign.  Not to mention her reputation and family connections muddied the waters.
     But then she wasn’t watching where she was going and coming out of the printers truly trips over Malone.  Landing on the bottom of the heap.  For the first time ever, she could say she was ever not in a hurry to move.  Yet, when she for the first time ever saw this fire in Malone’s eyes and it wasn’t anger, she couldn’t get up fast enough or put out of her mind the idea of seeing Malone as a man for the first time.
     She lost everything else.  She couldn’t lose the one person in the world that means everything to her.  With the chance of trying a relationship and if not working.  He felt the same way.  Yet, it scared them both.
     But in just the short walk to her office, she checks her email and someone had captured the picture of her and Malone on the ground.  Now, he running mate was using it against her.  Already, seventeen news feeds want an interview.
     When her friend comes in with her solution it sounds simple, could she do it?  Would he agree?  Her thought was to have Nomi ask Malone to marry her and they live a fake marriage. 
     See how this all works out for them.  What it does for or against their friendship.  Who agrees and who doesn’t.
     I really enjoyed the story a lot.  It was a little slow for me at the beginning but, once I got going, I was in.  Fast read. No cliffhanger, very nice.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by the author.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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