Forgotten Soldiers of World War I: America's Immigrant Doughboys


This book covers the entire spectrum of military service during World War I. It gives examples, including many photographs, from almost every ethnic and national group in the United States during this time. Including draft registration, induction and training, stateside service, overseas service, combat, return home, and discharge, learn the history of America's foreign-born soldiers during World War I and how they adapted to military service to become part of the successful American Expeditionary Forces.


Like a lot of people growing up, I knew my father fought in WWII and I knew my grandfather fought in WWI. Both really never talked about either war. After my grandfather died I found his uniform and some medals, but also a little history of his life, where his side of the family came from in Europe right where the war started, how he got an exception with the local draft board because they were farmers in Nebraska and had to get the crop in then he went to the local board and was sent to a camp in Illinois, because he was a graduate of college he was an officer he was assigned to the air corps and ship to France. What this book talks about are the men who were still immigrants or like my grandfather maybe just one generation born here. There was at least 25% of the AEF that was still immigrants and it still took the military time to figure out problems with language, writing, some were in their own countries army and had already an idea on how to do things and the army wanted to retrain them. The government also sent some men back to the countries they came from also for different reasons. The author takes you through all of the different scenarios and the difficulties of the immigrants as well as the government and then shipping the trained men overseas. A very good book and issues that I had never thought of before for this war. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

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