Lawbreaker (Unbreakable #3)

LAWBREAKER                                              KAT BASTION WITH STONE BASTION

Raised on the streets, Shay Morgan yearns for a real family, where love is unconditionally offered—even when trust doesn’t come easy. Before that day arrives, she trespasses and steals in order to provide for the few people who’ve gone out of their way to protect her.

Born to privilege, Ben Bishop loathes his family for the despicable things they’ve done, and not done. He vows to be different, play by the rules, do the right thing. Building a thriving nightclub with those who share his values dominates his world.

One explosive night at his bar, Loading Zone, changes everything. For both of them. Forever.

A dance of opponents commences as they thwart with suspicion, start to trust, then sidestep to protect themselves from a fatal blow. Until they soon wonder if they’ve been fighting for the same side all along.

As they begin to open their hearts, they up the stakes with a one-week pact. She shows him the power in breaking the law. He demonstrates the virtue of following it.

Then a far-reaching crime is suddenly exposed—that his family committed. And for one chance moment, Shay and Ben hold the key to right the wrong, correct the injustice. But at what cost?

Will they be able to return from the other side together? Or will their differences tear them apart?

Flirting with danger...has never been so tempting.


Found this book to be one that I could not put down until I finished it. The character Shay Morgan is one that at first jumps out at you after she meets and has verbal sparring with Ben Bishop who is the owner of the Loading Zone. The bar that worked at until he fired her after being back in his bar for just a few minutes. When you think maybe Ben’s character is the one that will pull you in it is actually Shay. She turns out to be the air that gives this book wings and life. You find out that she lives on the streets and she knows how to pick pockets, locks and many other things. Still, her character is fascinating, for the reason, she is on the streets, for how long and also how she has adapted to live in general. Ben becomes enamored with but first he must somehow get past not just her defense but also her defense of people are aligned because of all she does. Still, when you start to believe that Ben is coming around he lets her down and yet even when he does that to her she steps up and does something to help him which still left me scratching my head. It stayed with her character but still, that is where to character takes you. A very good book with wonderful characters besides Shay, Ben, there is Kiki, Darren, Cade, and Hannah, then Trin and Bear. A very good book that will keep you going until the very end. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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