Mistletoe in Texas (Texas Rodeo #5)

MISTLETOE IN TEXAS                               KARI LYNN DELL

Rodeo bullfighter Hank Brookman was headed straight for the top. But after a single misstep resulted in devastating injury, he disappeared under a mountain of regrets. Now he's back, ready to face the loved ones he left behind-starting with the one girl his heart could never forget.

When Hank stormed out of Texas, he left Grace McKenna picking up the pieces...and struggling with a secret that changed everything. He may be back looking for redemption, but after everything they've been through, how can she admit what he really walked away from all those years ago?

Hank always knew persuading Grace to trust him again would be a tall order. Convincing her they deserve a happily ever after? That may take a Texas-sized Christmas miracle.


First, let me say that after reading this book I did not have a problem with the female character. One being adopted myself I was grateful that my birth mother did not have an abortion, for she was young and that would have been an option for her. Two my parents paid for me as a private adoption it is done more than people think I am sure my parents did not spend that much money since we are talking the 60’s but it does happen legally all the time. I could also find fault with both characters if I wanted too it seems as though that by reading some of the reviews more people are finding fault with the female character and giving the male character a pass for being gone for seven years. He is also the one who pursued her and then yea embarrassed her really in order to get rid of her. But all of that is okay. The real problem is that she felt that she had nowhere to turn to and she felt she could not talk to her parents for help. I actually enjoyed this book for it was a story and not an autobiography, and both characters are flawed and maybe that was what the author was trying to point out. I don’t know? What I do know is that I will read her book again and that I was and am glad that my birth mother had me and gave me up for adoption! I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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