Picture Perfect Cowboy (The Original Sinners #10)


Jason "Still" Waters' life looks perfect from the outside—money, fame, and the words "World Champion Bull-Rider" after his name. But Jason has a secret, one he never planned on telling anybody...until he meets Simone. She's the kinky girl of his dreams...and his conservative family's worst nightmare.

"Picture Perfect Cowboy" is a standalone erotic romance from Tiffany Reisz, set in her bestselling Original Sinners series. An abridged version was previously published in "Exposed: A Romance Anthology" as the novella "The Watermark."


Jason Water’s agrees to do a photo shoot for his friend since his friend is laid up in the hospital recovering from his latest injury from the rodeo. Jason is just glad he was able to retire and is glad to do the calendar because it is for charity. When he arrives he is first surprised by the photographer’s hair, then her tattoos. Simone Levine realizes that he was not told he would be posing nude, but she would make sure that the pictures would be done tastefully since it is for charity. Also, he does a lot of work with children clubs and organizations and he does not want anything to get out with him actually nude. After she makes him feel comfortable and the pictures are taken he invites her out to his ranch if she has time so they could finish their discussion from earlier. At the ranch, you discover her other job as a paid submissive. You also find out that he was raised very strictly in a way that you do not raise a hand to a woman or your voice. When he was younger if he raised his voice to his sister his father would take him out behind the barn and tan his backside. Now hearing this and some other things Simone wants to help him and the first night goes slow. The author takes you through really what it would be like for a man who was raised that way and how difficult it would be to strike a woman. You as a reader are taken in by both Simone and Jason by not only what happens inside of the hose but also outside and how he works with the horses and the other programs he does for children. He is blown away by the pictures she takes, and together you are rooting for them until she has to leave to go back to New York. There are many sexual moments in this books and some hot scenes, but everything works together and goes with the story. The leads you the reader wanting them to get back together somehow. Read this very good book to see if that can happen or not? I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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