Proof of Love (The Remingtons Universe)

PROOF OF LOVE                                         C. M. ALBERT

Dez Wright bed hops because it's easier to let a man between her legs than into her heart. After the death of her college sweetheart in a motorcycle accident that leaves Dez with a bum knee and a shattered heart, she throws all of her passion and energy into something that can't hurt her: her flourishing photography career.

Mitch Michaelson thought he was dead the day he wrestled a pissed-off shark snorkeling off the Hawaiian coast with a model whose name he can hardly remember. But the tryst in paradise cost him more than his arm; it destroyed his career as a famous iron sculptor. After years of intense therapy, Mitch is finally rebuilding a new life working with kids at the community center in his sleepy North Carolina town. 

When Dez blows into Arden’s Glen looking to take his picture for some do-gooder coffee table book, Mitch wants no part of it. He's put his glamorous past where it belongs and wants nothing more than to lay low, help the kids in his community, and be left alone. When fate steps in and brings the two together to help their friends and a troubled kid in need, will a couple of photographs and a magical one-night stand be all the proof of love they need? Or will their two stubborn hearts stay hell-bent on keeping their walls in place and playing it safe forever?


A different kind of love story in that both of the lead characters are dealing with some form of loss. Dez Wright a photographer, lost her love in a motorcycle accident. She lost more which is explained and one way she coped with the loss of her love is by bed hopping. Now she has a booming photography career and has gone to a small town in North Carolina to see some friends and take pictures for them. While there she hears about a community center for kids and the couple she is staying with has her met the man in charge. Mitch Michaelson was a famous iron sculptor until one day in Hawaii he lost an arm and a woman he thought he loved and she loved him. She could not be around him with only one arm. Going back home to Arden North Carolina he throws himself into healing but also turning the community center into a place for kids that need help. Now Dez would like to help by taking pictures and he agrees as long as he is not in any. Just like every book, these two become an item and at the same time, she does take pictures of him. Also, he is dealing with helping a boy who is dealing with a father who has a drug problem, and then he notices that a local guy in town that he knows keeps eyeing Dez like they were or are together. Now confused she must tell him about how she dealt with her grief. What he wants to know is what about him, and if they could be together? Now confused she must decide what to do. A good story and good characters around the two main characters to keep the story flowing. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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