SIDE EFFECT                                           LULU JONES

Kendall Atherton- a promising psychology student, has been given the most unusual proposition- payment of a whole semester's tuition fees if she agrees to treat a patient in his home. Maton Lee has been through a traumatic experience, one that sees him confined to his apartment. Vanessa- his desperate mother, just wants to see him get well. But his challenging and rude demeanor is so much more than what Kendall can handle. Defeated and humiliated she vows never to return. But Kendall has already accepted Vanessa's money and owes it to her to make one more attempt to get through to the broken yet beautiful man. 

It's not long before Kendall is drawn to him, but this is not a normal boy meets girl situation. If anyone discovers she is having an affair with Maton, she will be thrown out of her course. But the last person Kendall expects to expose her is Maton himself. Except Maton doesn't count on the strength of his feelings for her and when Kendall's life comes under threat from the same man who preyed upon him, he may just have lost the love of his life.

When Vanessa, Maton Lee’s mother decides to get involved with his recovery she uses the intern in her doctor’s office to do that. She gets her to help even though she has reservations on how she could or would be of any help but Vanessa is a hard woman to say no to.
     You see Kendall Atherton was a stone throw away from becoming a therapist herself but she needed to finish her last classes and pass. Yet, Vanessa knew Kendall had what her son needed to become an active member of his own life again.
     You would have had to have known this computer geek as Kendall would eventually tease him of being. He was raised as a child of means. Yet, he and his best friend and younger brother turned the IT world on its ear making them even richer. Even more popular with the ladies. Not at all the normal cave geeks.
     Yes, you heard me right not your typical hold up in their cave geeks. They partied and did the whole one and done. That was until six months ago when they were together and Maton was shot turning his world upside down. While he was in the hospital the building, he bought that had a slamming penthouse into a to die for, in   Sydney, reinforced the highest security possible prison for himself.
     With checkpoints, glass enclosures, cameras, and so much more. But once he came home, he found he couldn’t allow himself to leave without panic attacks. His meds were not always the right ones. So, he had to do trial and errors sometimes making matters worse.
     Vanessa encouraged him to speak with the doctor that would come once a week. But he was hostile toward him verbally. He just couldn’t get anyone to understand his point of view. That the majority of the problem with him going out is they hadn’t caught the shooter.
     When his mother sneaks Kendall into his apartment things don’t go well but there is an instant attraction between Kendall and him. Surprising for Maton because that has not been an idea or even a thought at all. The thought is quickly shot down by him, but his negative sexual banter to scare her off amps him up. Until he remembers his confidence has been shattered.
     Rather than have an anxiety attack in front of Kendall he gets sexually cruder by the second talking about her tits. Which gets her to finally leave threatening to never come back. Once she leaves, he realizes he misses her and the banter they had. His mom pays her more money to go back. She does to his surprise.
     You will have to read to see where this wild crazy adventure takes you. But it is not dull at all that is for sure. You won’t want to put it down because you will want to see what he will do or think up next to shock Kendall.
     I give this: 5 stars. Provided by
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