The Cowboy's Christmas Baby


Stranded in the middle of the road in big sky country, Wyoming, at eight months pregnant isn’t exactly what Sofie Pennington had planned when she decided to pack up and surprise her sister. Fly Creek is a fresh start for her, one where she’s finally free from her controlling ex and can figure out this whole single parent thing. First, though, she needs to get there. To her shock, her rescuer comes in the form of a frustratingly handsome cowboy.

Dan Rigby is on his way out of town—for good—when he stumbles across a very pregnant Sofie. She’s the most obstinate, exasperating woman he’s ever met…and the most appealing. She drives him crazy, in more ways than one. When her sister suddenly has to leave, and Dan becomes Sofie’s welcoming committee, they find themselves growing closer despite their desire for conflicting things. Can Dan convince Sofie that Christmas miracles do happen?


This book is hard for me to review because I don’t know where I stand on the whole thing. So I will write my review and hopefully by the end will have a star or stars for you. The book opens with Sofie Pennington eight months pregnant and driving across the country after she divorced her husband. Her plan is to go where her sister lives in Big Sky Wyoming. The problem is she has not told her that she is coming, or that she is divorced, and let’s see oh yeah that she is eight months pregnant, Bow Chicka Bow Bow. So at three o’clock in the morning in the snow, she is stuck on the road because of a herd of cattle. Now we are introduced to Dan Rigby who feels like he is dependable Dan and cannot say no to the people around him, nice Dan will do it. So there he is asleep in his truck or trying when the starts to walk away after being frustrated with because he cannot move the beasts when she slips and falls. Now worried for her he takes her to his truck and back to town to the hospital to get checked out. She’s upset with him for doing that and for most of the rest of the story it goes like that. She takes whatever he does for her as it is telling her that she cannot do it herself instead of someone being kind or helpful. Because of her ex she has taken out all of her frustration out on him and when Dan does finally leave now she does not want him to be gone, but he did it for himself as much for her. He does come back because it is a Christmas story but you will have to read it to see how everything turns out. There is also a nice touch by the owner of the ranch doing something for him that really makes this ending very good and brings everything together. So yes I did like it and would say four stars give it a read. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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