The Navy SEAL Art of War: Leadership Lessons from the World's Most Elite Fighting Force

THE NAVY SEAL ART OF WAR                  

Anyone can make good decisions when everything is in their favor. But in life, as in war, it’s in chaotic, challenging times that genuine leaders distinguish themselves. As a Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer, Rob Roy learned this lesson over twenty-five years of combat, in which the difference between life and death was his team’s ability to decode complex environments, take decisive action, and seize opportunities when they presented themselves. 
    In The Navy SEAL Art of War, Roy decodes the leadership lessons of the battlefield for today’s business leaders and individuals: how to make good decisions under pressure, how to utilize and leverage the strengths of others while minimizing the weaknesses of the individual or team, and how to act instead of react, anticipating events despite having minimal information and effectively communicating tasks and priorities.
    Illustrated with countless stories from the front lines, and featuring unprecedented exercises and drills from the SEALs’ training program, The Navy SEAL Art of War is destined to take its place aside It’s Your Ship as a bestselling business classic.


I found this to be a very good read and also wish I had a book or manual like this years ago when I first got into law enforcement. This would have been very useful back in the early ’80s when I started and when I left 30 years later some or a few of the principles were making their way into that field. One example is the author goes through the process of making the correct decision when under stress. I had to learn this first by actually being in stressful situations that could injure my partners or myself. I had to learn from older more experienced people and through just by being in a stressful situation, now know the problem, but back then a pause well? Here the author shows you some ways. This book though is good for any business and also helpful in team building and how to get everything out of all the people working for you. Finding the right way to task some people as opposed to others would be very helpful if you are operating your company. I came from a military father so some of what he said I had already heard, but what was good about this book was a different way of saying the same thing my father said but not from a man who fought in WWII and Korea, both said the same but used different words. Like I said I think many people especially in the law enforcement field that I left, could use some of the items he talks about. Some are also very good tools for your own life as well. I really enjoyed this book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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