Changing the Game (Breaking the Rules #2)

CHANGING THE GAME                              EMBER LEIGH

Lex is no longer a halfcocked hellion.
But the darkness is still inside him. He’s always known Lila was the one for him, but when that darkness led him down back alleys to drugs, dosing, and illegal fights, she did the only sane thing: walked out. Five years later, fate brings Lila back into his life. Lex is ready to prove he’s not the same guy—he’s clean, sober, successful. The darkness is little more than a memory. He thinks.

Lila just wants to play it safe.
Years after her tumultuous ex, Lila should want vanilla, but her heart craves the intensity Lexington Olivo brings. There’s never been anyone who can light her up like he does. When Lex wants a second chance, she can’t say no. But she can’t say yes, either.

Secrets from their past could ruin everything.
Because if Lila lets Lex in, it’s not just her at risk. Lex can’t be trusted until she’s sure he’s a changed man. One who’s far away from the underground.
While he’s busy proving himself, Lex’s past comes pounding on his door. The gang he used to fight for wants him back. And this time, they won’t take no for an answer.


A second chance romance story. It starts with Lex, Lexington who is now an MMA fighter and trainer at a gym that is owned by his friend Travis. Five years ago his life was different very different. Actually, it started before that in high school when he meets and feel for the girl that was his tutor for an English class. They were both seniors and she helped pass so he could graduate. He also feels for her. Lila though kept putting him off and would not go out on a date with him. She had been accepted into U.C.L.A. and was looking forward to that opportunity. Lex though continued to show up to the library and talk to her, finally during the summer they went out on a date and it was over, over her denying her feelings for him when they kissed for the first time. They moved in together, she started school he was working and everything was going well for the time being. Then a gang named the Kings saw him fight one night outside of a bar and the next thing he knew he was fighting in underground matches. Winning and bringing in more money than he could be working. He also started drinking more, but slowly everything went downhill when the drugs took over his life. One night they had a fight and she walked out knowing that even as big as he was he would never lay a hand on her, he moved from the door when she asked him to move. Crying telling her he would change, she walked away crying. He looked for her for months but came up with nothing. After a fight one night and not a good one the Kings let him walk away and Travis helps get clean. Now five years later while he is in the ring at the gym and a tour is taking place their eyes meet, neither one can imagine seeing the other one. It is not until later when they are out that it becomes uncomfortable and they begin to talk. You find that even though he is still angry he is still in love with her. She, on the other hand, does not know what she is feeling and she also has a secret that she wants to tell him but does not know when would be the right time. They start to hang out together to get to know each other again when she thinks he is beginning to act like he did years ago. When he arrives via ambulance in the emergency room that she works as a nurse she knows that it is not good but also that she is still in love with him and really has never stopped loving him and she must help him and find out what happened. A wonderful story of a girl from the right side of the tracks falling for a boy from the wrong side. Good characters and the author leads you along to a few twists that you don’t see along the way. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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