LOWDOWN                                                    ANTHONY SCHNEIDER

All it takes is one mistake.
For Jimmy Paccini, savvy and cool-headed, it was joining the Brooklyn mob, the easy way out of a nowhere life that for arranging the execution of the head of a rival crime family rewarded him with a quarter-century of hard time. For Milena Cossutta, sexy and smart, it was selling out her dreams to marry a handsome but hot-headed made man, Vinnie DeNunzio, which left her on the run from the feds in Sicily, a stranger in a strange land. And sometimes the mistake is crazy, forbidden love like the one between Jimmy and Milena. Or could it be their salvation?

Spanning three decades and two continents, soaked in passion, blood and the garish colors of the mean streets, Lowdown is a vivid, gripping romantic thriller that follows a twisting road strewn with sorrow and desire, deceit and ecstasy, shocking violence and intimate tenderness, to arrive at a surprising, bittersweet redemption.


A very different book about life in New York City and that of someone connected to the mob. You follow different people and different story-lines, as well as time periods. Jimmy Piccini, who after being in prison for twenty-five years is paroled. When he comes out everything is different, cars, streets, music, clothes, language, even the men he was with are either dead or are no longer with the family. His family is being run by someone totally different. He went in because of a rat, snitch. During the time when Giuliani used the Rico Act and the time in the 80’S when he took down the five families. If you had read or were around from the time period you will recognize how the author came up with a very good way of tying all of the characters to these different eras. You are told Jimmy’s story from when he gets out and his looking back on if he could have seen the signs and done something different as to not be arrested. You are also given a story of Vinny and Lila which actually was a good story and intersects with Jimmy’s. This too is a good part of the book and keeps you going from the ’70s and to the present. The way the author has Jimmy though looking at things when he comes out of prison and how he is adapting for me is the main part of the story. That real feeling and emotion he has at the beginning helped sell me on the character, and made me want to continue with the book to see what will happen to him. The rest of the book is good, along with the characters. The book kept me entertained from the beginning to the end and had a few twists along the way which was good. Overall a very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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