One Dark Night

ONE DARK NIGHT                                       TOM BALE

You’re driving home from a family outing one afternoon, when a speeding car cuts you up, nearly causing you to crash. Like anyone would, you pull over to confront the driver. 

But a glance into the backseat of the speeding car reveals a woman fighting to escape. She is terrified and she’s screaming for your help: these men have murdered her husband… 

What would you do? 

An addictive thriller with plenty of twists – fans of Harlan CobenJames Patterson and Robert Dugoni will be completely hooked. 


A story that begins with what seems like road rage and turns into Tom and his wife Kathy with their two children also being kidnapped. The author takes you through the minds of both the husband and wife and some of their issues, and the problems that the kidnappers are having with the entire plan. What really makes this story work is that when you think you have it figured out another twist happens, but it goes along with the story. You feel the worry the two have for their children and the frustration for Tom starting this whole and for the other woman who yelled for help. A good book that will keep you going all the way to the end. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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