PAPER LOVE (A Chicago Christmas #2)

PAPER LOVE                                           AUBREY WYNNE

Growing up in a Papua New Guinea mission, Joss Palmateer is a gentle soul with a unique view of life. Still adjusting to a new home in the U.S and the sudden loss of her mother, love is the last thing on her mind.

Sexy physical therapist, Ben Montgomery, meets his sister’s friend and the sparks fly. He takes it as a challenge when she ignores his advances, but it’s her extraordinary inner beauty that captures his heart.

With the help of a stray homing pigeon and an old origami legend, Ben sets an unwavering course of romance to win her love.

     I found this to be an extremely sweet love story.  It gives you a look at the struggle this twenty-five-year-old teacher is going through.  After the unexpected death of her mother in a car accident a year prior.
     You see Joss Palmateer and her family are back in the US where they were born.  Yet, she and her sister only really have memories of one home Papua New Guinea.  Like her mother, she has always been a free spirit climbing trees since the age of five.  Since her mom’s passing, she has taken on the role of caregiver.
     However, now that her dad, Dan, and younger sister, Laura seem to more well-adjusted, she seems even more out of sorts.  Moving back has been an adjustment.  A community does not have the same meaning here as there in her village.  But she has been helping them. 
     Laura is adjusting twice as fast since she is with her peers since she has a medical scholarship, she is using, she is talking to adults, whereas she is talking mostly with first graders.  She admits mostly at her choosing. 
     Becky Montgomery, her best friend does try to get her out.  When she first moved here, she went to one it was just not her.  Now a year later and Becky invited her and Laura to get Joss to finally come to her brother Ben’s home party he throws often.  Once Laura said yes, she couldn’t say no.
     When the door opens, Ben is there to greet them she is speechless.  When she snaps out of it, she realizes he already knew who they are.  He all at once introduces them to everyone in each room they enter.  She was never so glad to see Becky.  Yet, she leaves with Laura to introduce her to a guy leaving her with Ben.  She knew then she was in trouble, of losing her heart.  He was gorgeous.
     The problem as the party went on she not too long ago was in a relationship with a guy who cheated on her.  Leaving her gun shy.  She was just not ready for dating.  Not to mention she didn’t know if she was staying in the US.
     The give and take of this real relationship that you could just see happening.  The Japanese do the origami cranes when getting married.  My brother in law’s niece did it.  Getting help from all in his family to create them.  Speaking of community.  At the time I remember thinking how endearing that was.
     It wasn’t a chore it was a way to make them all a part of their wedding.  No different as Ben does in making both families and friends part of his courting, Joss.  So, Ben’s was such a sweet way to show love.  It was nice to see them both overcome their fears with the help of the other.
     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by 

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