Montana Dreams (The Wildes of Birch Bay #4)

MONTANA DREAMS                                    KIM LAW

When Jaden Wilde’s girlfriend turns down his marriage proposal just months before he receives his master’s in counseling, he’s convinced that it’s cold feet. Until he learns that her no came at the advice of a new age “dream reader.” But Arsula’s hardly the woo-woo hippie his scholarly mind imagined. She’s charming, smart, and uncannily perceptive. And before long, he’s drawn to her—despite his ongoing skepticism for how her practice works.

Arsula’s intuitions led her to Birch Bay not to guide Jaden’s girlfriend—but to guide him to his best life possible. As the odd one out in an unsupportive family, Arsula can relate to the struggle to find one’s path, and she wants to see Jaden with the woman of his dreams. Although she’s cautious of being the rebound girl, what she’s starting to feel for him is too real to ignore.

When Jaden’s own volatile family issues come to a head and his doubts are made resoundingly clear, Arsula worries she’s misread the signs. Maybe they’re all wrong for each other. Maybe he should be with his ex. She’s supported him, but if he can’t believe in her, how will they ever find out if they’re truly meant to be?


The fourth book in this series. This one opens with Jason Wilde proposal to his longtime girlfriend in the front seat of his car just minutes before a wedding that they are to be attending. Though she gives many different reasons as to why she cannot accept his proposal, he only focuses on the one that she went to someone and had her dream interpreted and they are not meant for one another. She goes into the wedding and then Jason for the rest of the story begins to argue with Arsula Moretti about her career or really lack of since she has no degree and then plots on how to get his girlfriend back. There is one funny time after the wedding where Jason and Arsula end up going back to her place but he had too much to drink and could not rise to the occasion, that ends badly for him as well because he says things to her and she begins to throw things at him while he is leaving. Jason does a lot of complaining in this book and is self-centered, arrogant, in that if you have a degree you are worthy of my time if not why bother. It is not towards the end before he changes but it is too late for this reader. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at 

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