Silken Courage (Silken Edge #5)

SILKEN COURAGE                                      LACI PAIGE

Who knew going home for lunch one day instead of staying at the office would destroy Stanley Jorgenson? Catching his wife having sex would’ve been easier to wrap his brain around than the scene he never would’ve imagined and couldn’t accept. Unable to deal, he left not only her, but life as he knew it.

Eventually, Stan reinvents himself and starts over with a new business in a small town. He makes new friends who challenge his preconceptions about the world of BDSM and kink and he finds a companion in Crystal, who forces him to face and embrace the demons he wasn’t aware he needed to conquer.

Stan works hard to become a success but somehow he knows there’s always the chance that his past won’t release him. When the time comes for him to make the hardest decision of his life, he has to trust in himself and his friends to make the right choice, even if it risks destroying everything he’s built.


This is apparently the last book in the series. For me, it is the only book of the series that I read. It opens with a backstory of how Stanley Jorgensen coming home from the office hoping to have lunch with his wife only to be surprised at the scene that is taking place. She is not having sex with someone else but let’s just say it is something along the lines of BDSM. This throws him into a tailspin and he ends up in a different town divorced and in need of a friend. He makes a friend and then decides to open a bar. From the bar, he meets different people one is Crystal. He then decides to open a BDSM club and this club becomes very successful. He also is falling in love with Crystal you just don’t get the total picture until the end. Because of a phone call, he decides to sell the bar to Crystal and other friends and leaves. It is when he comes back and then the epilogue that really makes this whole book into a story and the author ties up everything not everyone. Yes, there is sex, but this book is so much more and the way the Crystal character changes from the first introduction to the last page is wonderful. This is a very good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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