The Nightmare Before Dinner: Recipes and Drinks from The Beetle House, the Tim Burton and Salvador Dali-Inspired Restaurant


Some like it goth! If you love movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, or The Evil Dead, then you’ll love the official cookbook of The Beetle House, the Tim Burton-inspired restaurant with locations in New York, Los Angeles, and more. Featuring chef and owner Zach Neil’s signature recipes like “Edward Burger Hands,” a juicy burger stuffed with smoked bacon, fried egg, pepper jack cheese, avocado, with a sriracha cream sauce and “Wonka Wings,” chicken wings with a custom Fanta orange soda glaze, and so many more. Plus you’ll get an array of craft cocktails from the Coco Skellington to the Beetle’s Juice. Featuring more than 50 recipes plus a section on how to host your very own Burton-themed party with crafts, costume, decorations, and more this is the perfect book for the goth, the movie buff, and Halloween lover all the world round.    


A very good book for anyone who likes Nightmare before Christmas, or Beetle Juice, the Author even makes a little reverence to Willy Wonka. The recipes from beginning to end are great, the book with pictures, easy to follow instructions, and how to change a recipe if you want to make it vegan was a good touch even though I am not. What really sets this book apart from most of the other cookbooks’ that I have read is that at the end of the book the author shows some ideas with how to set up different parties. With menu, invitation, decorations and all keeping with the theme you want. My family loves Halloween, and Nightmare before Christmas. This gives ideas for parties and food. You get what I am trying to get across. This is a very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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