The Rancher (Morgan Ranch #6)

THE RANCHER                                            KATE PEARCE

Now that she’s completed her engineering degree, Rachel Ford Morgan is trying to find her footing around her birth father and her four brothers. She gets a chance to prove herself when she discovers worrisome fault lines around an abandoned silver mine. But they’re nothing compared to the cowboy who seems determined to shake up her world . . .
Cauy Lymond doesn’t take kindly to the woman nosing around his property—especially since she’s a Morgan. He came home just to keep his father’s failing ranch out of their super-wealthy hands. But he soon realizes that Rachel’s skill—and admirable courage—may be the only things that can shore up the old mine that threatens both their futures. Still, it will take pouring all of their blood, sweat, and secrets into saving the land—and ultimately, themselves—to bring their true feelings for each other to the surface . . .


Cauy Lymond has returned to the ranch that was owned by his father and that his father left him after his death. His first day back he just happens to run into Rachel Ford Morgan who he does not remember when he was a teenager before he left. Now getting all caught up and embarrassing himself and upsetting Rachel he goes back to the darken ranch house and that just suits him for that is how he feels in general. Rachel having earned her engineering degree still does not feel like she is part of the Morgans. She wants to contribute something. She also cannot understand her attraction to the surly rancher that moved next door to them. the more they spend together she likes him, but he also has a knack of saying the right word at the right time to just piss her off and the last time might have done the job permanently. Now Cauy must figure out a way to fix all of the wrongs he has done and said and pray that she will still be open to still want to talk to him. This is an excellent book that goes along great with the other books in the series. I liked all of the characters and I really liked Cauy and Rachel. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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