Yard Dog (Jack Palace #1)

YARD DOG                                                      A.G. PASQUELLA

What does a man do when he gets out of jail? Jack Palace hits the streets, plunging back into a violent world of crime and corruption. Jack wants out, but first, he must repay his debt to Tommy, the man who saved his life in prison. Tommy’s dad, an old-school mob boss, is on his deathbed, and Tommy wants to take over the old man’s rackets. Jack and his new girlfriend, Suzanne, are soon caught in the middle of a mob war. Now Jack must fight to defend the people he loves from the man he has sworn to protect while he tries to get out of the criminal life alive. 


The story opens with Jack Palace being paroled from prison. Now as he makes his back to the city he out to meet up with the man who was an ex-cellmate and one who saved his life in prison. Jack now owes him a favor and he is out to set it square to move on. Tommy is the boss’s son and now the boss is dying. Tommy feels like everyone is after his father title the boss. He is correct, he is also paranoid and becomes more so as the story goes along. He also wants Jack to collect some outstanding debts for him. This he does with no problem until one man. Turns out that, that man is actually Joey, the mechanic, a hit man but is going by an alias. This is really the start of the many problems that begin for Jack and the few friends he has. One of his friends or who actually taught him how to do some of the things he does ends killed by Joey. So you can see where this is going. Jack also is wanting to find love and thinks he does with Suzanne, but because of all of the violence surrounding him can this really work? Meanwhile, as you go through the story you are also told Jack’s story in bits from childhood to how he came to meet the people in his life, and how he came to owe Tommy this favor which is really what started all of this, to begin with. Just when you think you have this story figured out there is a little twist at the end which added to the story and really made it work for me. I also liked how he would go back in his mind and think back in time, and especially the time he spent in prison those moments and descriptions felt real. Good characters and a good story. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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