Sofia Capri survived life as a mob wife, but living with drop-dead gorgeous FBI agent Logan Stone has its own challenges. Step one? Host his family for Christmas dinner.

Rescuing Sofia from her former mob life and saving her kidnapped son was enough to earn Logan a place in her life, but a mysterious phone call before dinner threatens the security he'd give anything to provide.

When Sofia's son and Logan's nieces disappear from the festivities, the illusion of a normal Christmas shatters, hurling Sofia back into her nightmares.


A good story full of suspense with Sophia leaving the life of a mob wife behind trying to protect her son and wanting to be with Logan, the FBI agent. He always is on alert for anything or anyone that is out of place. When everything goes back into her fear of her former life, with her son missing and nieces. She trusts Logan will get them back unharmed. For the people that took them well? A good quick story with a lot of action and love. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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