Going Up

GOING UP                                                       TAWANA FENSKE

If someone had told Noah Donovan he was going to be stuck in an elevator with a very beautiful, slightly odd bartender and her fluffy packrat, he never would have believed it. Fortunately, the quirky brunette leaves the very cuddly rodent behind. Unfortunately, she’s married.
In Lexi Allison’s job, she’s accustomed to warding off unwanted advances with a fake wedding ring. So when she meets a tatted-up hunk in an elevator, she’s quick to revert to her default tall tale. This guy certainly knows how to push her buttons, but the thing is, they’re the right buttons. Not that it makes any difference. She won’t see him again anyway.
Noah and Lexi are about to discover that fate has plans for both of them—and that their ups and downs are just beginning. Because it’s going to take two lies, three misunderstandings, a case of mistaken identity, and one very persistent rodent to prove that perfect strangers can make the perfect couple.

I won this book in a Goodreads give away back in August and it has taken me a while to get caught up on my reviews. This story is a fun and fast read with really good characters. Along with the way the book moves at times just adds to the whole reading experience. Noah Donovan gets stuck with a funny, kind of act before thinking kind of gal. Lexi Allison wears a wedding ring, but is not married, while being stuck in the elevator she also calls her husband which she does not have, but who is a police officer. In between all of this she is also watching her friend’s pack rat yes it’s a real thing, but it gets out and into Noah’s tool bag which he does not know until he gets home. You think the fun part was the elevator, but no. He now must track down this married woman, or at least he thinks is married to return this animal. The story just gets funnier. This is a very good book that will keep you going to the last page. I won this through a Good reads give away. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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