JUNE KISSES (Wilder Irish #6)

JUNE KISSES                                                MARI CARR

Kiss me once, shame on you. Kiss me twice, shame on me... 

The first kiss with Landon, Sunnie blames on tequila. The second on adrenaline. He did save her and her Louis Vuitton from a mugger after all. 

But then the kiss goes viral and sexy cop Landon is flooded with female attention. Now it’s Sunnie’s turn to save Landon—by pretending to be his girlfriend. 

It’s all fake fun and games and a few orgasms until Landon’s ex comes back to town. 

Now Sunnie has to decide if June is just for kisses or for love and commitment… 

June Kisses is a standalone story in Mari Carr's Wilder Irish series (book 6).

     I loved the family dynamics and the storytelling from Pop Pop the family patriarch.  The unending love and support he gave his family along with strong sound advice.  Not always what they wanted to hear but what needed to be said.
     Sunnie seemed to be the one he bonded with the most at least in this story.  I would say due to her being his wife’s namesake.  As well as, being the one who had endless patience only for family lore and pictures.  Being that he got her to believe that there was a secret attached to the story of how her grandma got her name and in turn she got hers.  Otherwise, it was always a squirrel moment.
     Along for the ride during those moments where her older brother, Finn and his best friend, Landon.  They have been friends since pre-school.  Not always wanting the little feisty spitfire sister hanging around because boy bonding is important Pop Pop would share family lore.  Then they thought her time was cool.
     Now almost twenty years later she has been added to the best friend call list because Sunshine, as Landon calls her, is fun, lively, and just amazing to be around.  On this night though the threesome turns bleak.
     You see after two months of holding on to his thoughts they are at their family’s pub and Landon is telling them that his girlfriend of three years is moving to NY from Baltimore… To try out her acting there.  He is thinking of following her.  When Finn and Sunnie ask when he says, in about three weeks if he decides to go.  They look at him like they have been betrayed and, in a way, they have because they have always all told each other everything.  I mean everything.
     Finn says he’s going to get a refill on the beer and Sunnie gets really, quiet.  Not making eye contact with Landon.  When he asks her opinion about the move, she says he must be hard up if he’s asking her of all people.  Still not looking at him.  He asks again.  She says she could tell him what Pop Pop would say.  That whatever decision he makes he needs to look as carefree and happy as Audrey looks for the first time tonight.  You’ll make the right decision if you can do that.
     He said that was, really, good advice.  Then Finn was back at the table and they were back to normal, kind of.  After a time, Audrey ends up leaving alone.  Making the other half of the trio very happy.
     Until a year later when Sunnie throws an April Fools day party.  Landon gets drunk and she kisses him.  The Kiss.  But when Finn sees it he is not happy.  He wants to know if he has been with his sister.  Landon says, NO!
     There are a lot of funny moments in this book.  A lot of soul searching as far as should they be a couple since being best friends had worked so well and they don’t want to ruin it.  But when a video gets out, they must fake it or so Landon says.  Now the sex scenes they do have are intense, so you need to know.  I really enjoyed this book because of the family interaction.
     I give this: 5 ++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com. 

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