Widower Matt Wilmot is an excavator by trade, but with his three rambunctious young sons making trouble all over town, he may not have what it takes to dig them out on his own. 

The boys' antics have earned them a riotous reputation in their small town of Cedar Mills. When Matt's former mother-in-law, a powerful, lawyer, and judge, threatens to sue for custody, Matt’s sure she means it. 

Enter Matt’s new neighbor, Elle Drake. She’s made a successful career for herself as a renowned artist and potter, but after a disastrously public break-up with her millionaire ex-husband, she’s back in Cedar Mills to lick her wounds and set her roughed-up self-image to rights. 

When Matt's oldest son causes damage in Elle’s yard, her common-sense approach forces the boy to take responsibility for his actions—and gives Matt the wake-up call he desperately needs. 

Initially adversarial, a true attraction grows between this unlikely couple. Matt appreciates Elle's effect on his sons, and when he gets cornered into having a Sunday breakfast with Elle and the boys, he has fun for the first time in...well, he can't remember when. 

Everything changes when Elle hears the boys’ grandmother berating Matt in public and threatening to take the boys. She defuses the situation by pretending to be Matt's fiancĂ©e and the boys' future stepmother. When Matt decides it's a brilliant plan and kisses her to seal the deal, Elle knows he's crazy. But he's also sweet, funny, engaging, sexy and strong, which isn't exactly a bad thing! 

This latest poignant Christian romance by Ruth Logan Herne combines heart and humor with a dose of small-town reality... just enough to keep it real!

   Matt is the father of three overly active and mischievous boys.  Todd is eight-years-old, Randy is seven-years-old, and Amos is four-years-old.  Matt’s wife, Carrie died giving life to Amos.  Something so spectacular devastated this young family.
     Leaving Matt ill-equipped to manage a newborn, two toddlers, a household, a co-owner of a business, a agree mother-in-law who blames you for your wife’s death and a town full of people who are taking notes and reporting to said mother-in-law (as the neighboring standing judge and lawyer) of all the things you are doing wrong or the boys are.
     Which by the way with three curious boys who have a father trying to make a living and they outnumber the sitters, nannies, or and daycares around. Yet, no one volunteers a hand only complains.
    Until, Elle.  The lady that sat behind him and the boys at the mandatory church ordered by their grandmother.  You see Matt is not a church or faith kind of a guy.  Especially after losing his wife.  But this poor Elle Person took pity and gave his boys a book to help them sit through church.

     Then he figures out that they are next door neighbors of a year already.  His life is so jammed packed all the time just to get them dressed, fed, to school, dinner, baths, bed, and start over he never notices much.  Hard to believe because Elle is worth knowing in her unique willowy way about her.  She has this understated beauty about her.
     Although, each up until the time they kiss is filled with an undertone of TNT waiting to go off.  Because Elle could deliver fast rapid words with her mouth that could hit the right targets.  Never at any person or character, it wasn’t meant for.  But if you were being neglectful to your duties or your children were not behaving, she would not hold back.  But give solutions or get in the trenches with you.
     I really enjoyed this book.  Was there scripture quoted in this book, yes.  Did it hit you over the head or take you, hostage, no.  Did it hold my attention, absolutely?  The humor alone makes it worth it.  The family drama with the mother-in-law is worth it.  The emotions and the give and take of Elle and Matt are so worth it.
     I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by 

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