Rad-Reader:  How did you come up with this story?

Candi:  Well, my main objective for this series of books is going to be about big, beautiful women. I also wanted the leading lady to sort of be “outside the box”–so what better than a female mechanic? I had a lot of fun with Charlyse. 

Rad-Reader:  Are you a racing fan or anyone in your family?

Candi:  The funny part is, no not really. I had to do some research on NASCAR and Grand Prix, where they’re held, types of cars, etc. It was actually really interesting and got me wanting to start watching races (which I had no desire to before—LOL!)  I also had a little help from someone who was very familiar with racing.

Rad-Reader:  How long has she worked for Tyler?

Candi:  Charlyse doesn’t work for Tyler, she works for her father at the mechanic shop. 

Rad-Reader:  Is this the first time she had been invited to the party for Grand Prix?

Candi:  Yes. Tyler’s father was always in charge of the annual party. After his death, Tyler decided to extend it to everyone in the racing circle, to include the “little” people like mechanics, and smaller vendors, versus just the drivers, big companies and celebrities.

Rad-Reader:  Ty seems to have fond memories of his father.  Why does he shutout the memories?

Candi:  He’s not necessarily shutting out memories of his father, but rather thinking about him in general. He misses him too much and it’s just painful to think about him.

Rad-Reader:  It’s like he’s afraid some bad memories will surface.  Are there some?

Candi:  No, he’s got nothing but happy memories of his father.

Rad-Reader:  He seems to really like and enjoy Char.  What is it about her that he likes over other women he’s been with?

Candi:  Charlyse is different. She doesn’t fangirl, she doesn’t have aspirations to be a model or his arm-candy. She’s real, down-to-earth, and doesn’t need to have a man. Plus, Tyler loves curvy women!

Rad-Reader:  Ty was walking in his own fear.  Was seeing his own driver talking to Char what made him cut her off so badly?

Candi:  It had nothing to do with Justin, per se, but more of how it showed Tyler that Charlyse most likely had men chasing her down and that she would be fine once their weekend was over. Tyler’s own insecurities started to come through once he was reminded of that.

Rad-Reader:  Was it the connection in the vintage car later that evening that scared him?  It was just too close of a connection?

Candi:  No, I think Tyler had already made up his mind to let her go by then. If anything, seeing her love of cars and that connection between them was what made him start to waver a little on his decision.

Rad-Reader:  Won’t there be long lasting repercussions for his actions in the vintage car?

Candi:  Nah, Tyler’s the boss. He can do what he wants.

Rad-Reader:  He had to know how badly his words cut Char the next morning, didn’t he?

Candi:  He knew the minute he said them, hence the drinking in the bar at 10 a.m.

Rad-Reader:  Even though Ty knew he lied to Char and went looking for her.  She was gone.  He hadn’t continued to pursue her.  Why?

Candi:  He knew he fucked up. He didn’t think there was anything to say and didn’t believe an apology would cut it.

Rad-Reader:  After she got home she was home, how long before Colton came over with the ice cream?

Candi:  It had been about two weeks.

Rad-Reader:  Did the magazine photo capture something Colton had been wondering about but when said and done better left undone?

Candi:  No, Colton doesn’t feel that way about Charlyse. He got caught up in the moment, desperate to make Alyssa jealous and hurt her the way she’d hurt him so many times.

Rad-Reader:  If Ty had not seen the picture in the magazine do you think he would have gone after Char anytime soon?

Candi:  Yes, there was no way he could stay away. His lovesickness was getting worse. The photo was the catapult that pushed him to over the edge. Reminded him with one picture how much he missed her.

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you have play…

Char:  Tara Lynn

Ty:  Chris Pine

Colton:  Alex Pettyfer

Candi:  Those are good comparisons. Tyler probably more resembles Ian Sommerhalter in mind, though.

Rad-Reader:  What three things can’t you leave home without?

Candi:  Phone, wallet, lipstick

Rad-Reader:  What advice would you give to a young author?

Candi:  Don’t expect instant success. Read a lot of books in the genre you want to write. Have your work edited professionally and read by trusted beta readers. Get yourself a professional cover done. Hard work pays off, you just have to patient and persistent. Don’t quit after one book, keep writing them.

Rad-Reader:  What other genres would you like to explore writing?

Candi:  I’m sticking to contemporary romance. Specifically, big, beautiful women and hot alphas!

Rad-Reader:  How did you come into writing about racing?

Candi: I wanted my alpha to be a race car driver. Tyler’s character just came to me. The rest of the Curvy Hips & Sexy Lips series is not about racing. All the characters have different occupations, but one thing that remains consistent is that all the female leads are self-employed (or are by the end of the book) and belong to the Curvy Hips & Sexy Lips weight loss website.

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it due out?

Candi:  I’m working on two books in the Curvy Hips & Sexy Lips series. One is about a photographer who falls for a video game developer, and the other is about a food blogger who falls for a cardiologist. I’m having so much fun with these sassy girls and growling alpha men!

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?  Links

Candi:  Right now, we’re in Kindle Unlimited so you can read them free if you have KU. Otherwise, just Amazon for now.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?  Links

Candi:  I’m still working on my website, so for now, Facebook and email are the easiest and fastest way to reach me.

Thanks for taking the time answer all my fangirl questions.  I know we ask a lot of questions but it lets our reads get a taste of your books and a taste of who you are as an author.  Being a BBW it is nice to read ones that actually have a storyline and not just an erotica all the way through.  Thank you for that.  
Thanks again,

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